Listing Family Activity events

Family Crafts KTAS

Category: Family Activity

2:00pm–8:00pm (6h) Prud'homme Public Library

Pasta Butterfly craft and science experiments.

Family Activity E

Category: Family Activity

5:00pm–7:00pm (2h) Tisdale Public Library

Innovation Lab for families.


Family Crafts KTAS

Category: Family Activity

11:00am–5:00pm (6h) Prud'homme Public Library

Drop in during the day for some Stained Glass art.

Model Club E

Category: Family Activity

1:00pm–3:00pm (2h) Cudworth Public Library

Model Club is open to all ages.

Family Puzzle Group E

Category: Family Activity, Seniors Activity

2:00pm–5:00pm (3h) Pilger Public Library

Come put a puzzle togther while enjoying conversation, coffee, or hot chocolate. For all ages!


Family Board Games E

Category: Family Activity

1:00pm–4:00pm (3h) Blaine Lake Public Library

Family Movie E

Category: Family Activity

7:00pm–9:00pm (2h) Vonda Public Library

Black and White Film Night for all ages.