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Edition: First edition.

Description: 421 pages ; 24 cm

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Graham, Heather — Another of the coterie of Romance writers who have emigrated to the Romantic Suspense genre, Heather Graham is a good choice for Brown's fans. She writes hard-edged romantic stories, filled with explicit sex and violence and mounting suspense, not to mention atmospheric southern settings. -- Krista Biggs
Eason, Lynette — Readers who enjoy the suspense novels of Sandra Brown may also enjoy Lynette Eason. Though Eason's novels have religious undertones that Brown's do not, both authors write romantic suspense with multi-layered story lines. -- Nanci Milone Hill
Foster, Lori, 1958- — Beautiful, very capable heroines and irresistibly masculine heroes are featured in Lori Foster's and Sandra Brown's contemporary romantic suspense novels. Steamy and fast-paced, their work is filled with danger, intrigue, and passion. -- Mike Nilsson
Stone, Katherine, 1949- — Contemporary romance authors Katherine Stone and Sandra Brown write fast-paced, intricately plotted novels starring independent career women. Brown's later books lean more towards romantic suspense, but Stone's use of mystery and thriller elements make them something of a match here too. Browns novels include more explicit sexual content and violence. -- Melissa Gray
Cameron, Stella — Known for both her historical and her contemporary Romances, Stella Cameron has more recently added Romantic Suspense to her repertoire. Like Brown's, her hard-edged stories mix Romance and Suspense in equal measure and include rich-and-famous trappings, sensual storylines, and independent female protagonists. -- Krista Biggs
Krentz, Jayne Ann — Sandra Brown's novels are darker in tone, but readers who appreciate her ability to create a menacing atmosphere might try Jayne Ann Krentz. -- Krista Biggs
Robards, Karen — Building suspense, a fast pace, violence, and passion pervade both Karen Robards' and Sandra Brown's stories of romantic suspense. -- Krista Biggs
Roberts, Nora — Readers should not forget Nora Roberts as a possibility when they have read all of Sandra Brown. Although her books are less explicitly violent, with more suggestion of violence than description, they present the classic independent woman in a dangerous situation, strong romantic themes, and secrets to be uncovered. -- Krista Biggs
Crusie, Jennifer; Howard, Linda, 1950-; Michaels, Fern — These authors' works are Suspenseful and Fast-paced, and they share: the genres 'Romantic suspense' and 'Contemporary romances' and the subject 'Men/women relations'.
Hoag, Tami — These authors' works are Suspenseful, Intricately plotted, and Plot-driven, and they share: the genres 'Romantic suspense' and 'Contemporary romances' and the subject 'Men/women relations'.

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