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Two nights : a novel



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Genre: Thrillers (Fiction)


  • 9781476726458 (hardcover)
  • 9781476726458
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Edition: Simon and Schuster Canada edition.

Description: 322 pages ; 25 cm

Other Title: 2 nights

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Chazin, Suzanne — Chazin's arson investigators face similar challenges as Reichs's forensic pathologists, and offer similarly complex, gripping tales of murder featuring the killer's psychology, along with greed and corruption in officialdom, as well as resistance to women in investigative work. Reichs may feature less gritty details. -- Katherine Johnson
Fairstein, Linda A. — Similarly blending appealing characters with serious crime-solving details, Linda Fairstein may please Kathy Reichs' fans, though her novels tend to legal rather than forensic details. Both authors also feature a vivid sense of place, and their strong female characters must juggle their personal lives with their careers. -- Shauna Griffin
Jance, Judith A. — A variety of capable professional women -- a cop, a forensic anthropologist, an ex-journalist -- are featured in the mystery novels by Judith Jance and Kathy Reichs. Their fast-paced and highly descriptive novels examine murder from many angles -- none of them positive. -- Mike Nilsson
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels — Both authors appeal to forensic mystery fans. They provide a similarly strong sense of place for their investigations, with similar levels of detail; suspense; a strong cast of supporting characters, including the male-dominated police who fail to respect Temperance Brennan's and Kay Scarpetta's abilities. The plots often focus on serial murderers. -- Krista Biggs
Coben, Harlan, 1962- — Kathy Reichs and Harlan Coben write fast-paced, action-packed adult mysteries. Both authors have also created spin-off teen mystery series that are loosely related to their adult books. Though Reich's teen works tend more toward science fiction, in both authors' compelling, suspenseful books, teen protagonists confront danger at every turn. -- Kelly White
Connor, Beverly, 1948- — Connor has two series that might appeal to fans of Reichs. The cases are complicated and the puzzle's the thing, with details of the professional work equally important. Connor's books are not quite as gritty and explicit as those of Reichs. -- Katherine Johnson
Gerritsen, Tess — Tess Gerritsen's mysteries feature a medical examiner and a police detective who work together. Like Kathy Reichs' Tempe Brennan, Rizzoli and Isles often immerse themselves in their work to escape from personal demons, and Gerritsen's books rival those of Reichs for gory details. -- Katherine Johnson
White, Stephen (Stephen Walsh), 1951- — Stephen Walsh White usually tells the story in the first person and specializes in brain-teasing plots. His mysteries might appeal to fans of Kathy Reichs, since his stories featuring psychologist Alan Gregory are well plotted, suspenseful, move quickly, and include medical details and psychological insights. -- Katherine Johnson
Elkins, Aaron J. — Elkins's somewhat less gritty mysteries may appeal to Reichs fans for their interesting details on technique. There is some danger, along with plot twists, intellectual puzzles, psychological insights, and a variety of settings, as anthropologist Gideon Oliver examines bones in his consulting jobs. -- Katherine Johnson
Connelly, Michael, 1956- — These authors' works are Suspenseful and Fast-paced, and they share: the genre 'Mysteries' and the subjects 'Murder investigation' and 'Murder'.
Patterson, James, 1947-; Grafton, Sue — These authors' works are Suspenseful and Fast-paced, and they share: the genre 'Mysteries' and the subject 'Murder investigation'.

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★★★★☆ A new character from Reichs

By ~~Luanne~~ on Thu, 20 Jul 2017 18:51:05

I'm always up for a new read from Kathy Reichs. Her newest book, Two Nights, is a stand alone that introduces us to a great female lead named Sunday Night. Sunday is ex-military and a former cop turned walking wounded private investigator in South Carolina. She's carrying a lot of baggage from her own past, both psychological and physical. She's smart, tough and tenacious with the attitude to match. When she's asked to look for a young girl who has been missing for more than a year, she takes the job - there are aspects to the case that strike a personal chord. Two Nights? Sunny has a brother named August - Gus for short. And he too has a wide and varied skill set. I enjoyed his laid back, smooth style. The two have worked together before and team up again for this latest. The banter between the two is quick and the dialogue is staccato and sharp. This is true of the whole book. The plot borrows from current news headlines, but Reichs puts an inventive spin on her plotting. She keeps us guessing about Sunnie's past with memories and asides. As the book progresses, more and more is revealed until we discover the truth in the last few chapters. (And she caught me off guard....) Cut between chapters are italicized chapters from a woman being held in captivity that count down from two weeks ago to the present. Time seems to be of the essence in both plot lines. Yes, Two Nights is a departure from the tone and tenor of the Tempe Brennan novels. It's definitely action oriented and almost read like movie. And yes, some of the plotting is a bit far fetched. But you know - I enjoyed seeing something new and different from an author I follow. I thought Sunday was a great new lead character - and you can never have enough female kick butt leads. I found Two Nights to be an entertaining read. I wonder if there will be another Night novel? If so, this reader would pick it up. ~~Luanne~~

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