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Robert B. Parker's Stone's throw —Lupica, Mike, author.
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The town of Paradise receives a tragic shock when the mayor is discovered dead, his body lying in a shallow grave on a property on the lake. It's ostensibly suicide, but Jesse has his doubts, especially because the piece...

Robert B. Parker's Stone's throw —Lupica, Mike, author.
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"The town of Paradise receives a tragic shock when the mayor is discovered dead, his body lying in a shallow grave on a property on the lake. It's ostensibly suicide, but Jesse has his doubts ... especially because the p...

The football fiasco —Lupica, Mike, author.

"Zach and Zoe find their recess football deflated from a hole near the laces, and set off in search of clues to discover how it happened"-- Provided by publisher.

The soccer secret —Lupica, Mike, author.

Twins Zack and Zoe investigate when someone mails Zach a soccer jersey, identical to the one he wears on his travel team, with no explanation.

The turnover —Lupica, Mike, author.

"When a young basketball star decides to research his grandfather--and coach--for a school project, he uncovers a decades-old scandal that changes everything he thought he knew about his grandfather." -- Provided by publ...

The turnover —Lupica, Mike, author.
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When his English teacher challenges the class to write a biography of the person they most admire, Lucas can't think of anyone he'd rather write about. Except, Gramps is being cagey. He avoids every question Lucas asks, ...

The Horsewoman —Patterson, James author.
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Maggie Atwood and Becky McCabe, mother and daughter, both champion riders, vowed to never, ever, go up against one another. Until the tense, harrowing competitions leading to the Paris Olympics. Mother and ...

Fantasy league —Lupica, Mike, author.

In Los Angeles, twelve-year-old Charlie's skill at fantasy football gains the attention of both the local media and the owner of a professional football team.

Batting order —Lupica, Mike, author.

Twelve-year-old Matt Baker is the best all-rounder on his baseball team, but can he help Big Ben Roberson improve his hitting and stand up to his father?

Robert B. Parker's Blood feud —Lupica, Mike, author.
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Sunny Randall is 'on' again with Richie, the ex-husband she never stopped loving and never seemed to be able to let go, despite her discomfort with his mafia connections. When Richie is shot and nearly killed, Sunny is d...

Point guard —Lupica, Mike, author.

"It's basketball season for the home team but Gus must wrestle with prejudice when he's the only one bothered by Cassie joining the boys' team and his teammate Steve makes fun of Gus's Dominican heritage"-- Provided by p...

Heavy hitters —Lupica, Mike, author.

Ben and his friends, the Core Four Plus One, are so excited to play in their town's All-Star Baseball league. But in the first game of the season Ben gets hit by a pitch. It's never happened to him before and it shakes h...

Triple threat —Lupica, Mike, author.

Twelve-year-old Alex Carlisle loves football almost as much as she loves her father but when she joins the Orville Middle School football team, not all of the boys, or parents, are pleased.

The big field —Lupica, Mike, author.

When fourteen-year-old baseball player Hutch feels threatened by the arrival of a new teammate named Darryl, he tries to work through his insecurities about both Darryl and his remote and silent father, who was once a gr...

Team players —Lupica, Mike, author.

"A girl with Asperger's joins Cassie's softball team but not everyone on the team welcomes her, creating a rift between Cassie and her teammates"-- Provided by publisher.

Miracle on 49th Street —Lupica, Mike, author.

After her mother's death, twelve-year-old Molly learns that her father is a basketball star for the Boston Celtics.

The underdogs —Lupica, Mike, author.

Small but fast twelve-year-old Will Tyler, an avid football player in the down-and-out town of Forbes, Pennsylvania, takes matters into his own hands to try and finance the city's football team, giving the whole communit...

The hall of fame heist —Lupica, Mike, author.

When they go on a field trip to a pop-up museum sponsored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame, eight-year-old twins Zach and Zoe discover an empty display case and with the help of their friends, they figure out what h...

Fast break —Lupica, Mike, author.

Since his mother's death, Jayson, twelve, has focused on basketball and surviving but he is found out and placed with an affluent foster family of a different race, and must learn to accept many changes, including facing...

Batting order : every place in the lineup counts —Lupica, Mike, author.
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Small, shy Matt Baker, who has been marginalized because of a speech disorder, and big, bold, and brash Ben Roberson become unlikely practice partners as their baseball team navigates the rapidly approaching end of their...

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