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Pet sematary —Author, date-

After moving to an idyllic home in the countryside, life seems perfect for the Creed family ... but not for long. Louis and Rachel Creed and their two young children settle into a house that sits next door to a pet cemet...

To kill a king —Author, date-

Following the Civil War of 1685, two heroes - Lord Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell - emerge as triumphant, if conflicting, leaders of England. Fairfax secretly plans to return the King to power, defying his friend and the pe...

Alaska highway amazing wildlife and landscapes Part 3 —Author, date-

The bald eagle footage in this video was taken mostly from Hains Alaska, the remainder from Whitehorse in the Yukon.

Thunder of war —Author, date-

The true story of a group of 28 soldiers of the Red Army's 316th Rifle Division, who stopped the advance on Moscow by 54 Nazi tanks of the 11th Panzer Division for several days.

URGE —Author, date-
Lionsgate Premier And Grindstone Entertainment Group Present In Association With Sculptor Media & Raven Capital Management; Story By Guy Busick And Aaron Kaufman & Jerry Stahl; Screenplay By Jerry Stahl ; Directed By Aaron Kaufman
Availability: 2 of 2

A group of friends take a lavish weekend getaway to an island where a mysterious club owner introduces them to Urge, a new designer drug that allows them to live out their wildest fantasies. What starts out as a fun nigh...

Great British Ghosts season 1[DVD] —Author, date-

[Michaela Strachan travels across the UK to explore the nation's haunted locations in Great British Ghosts.

The Resurection of Gavin Stone[DVD] —Author, date-

Gavin Stone, a washed-up former child star is forced to do community service at a local mega-church and pretends to be Christian so he can land the part of Jesus in their annual passion play only to discover that the mos...

The Living Dead 3 pack return of the living dead: necropolis, return of the living dead: rave to the grave, and flight of the living dead: outbreak on a plane —Author, date-

A college student finds a canister of drugs more potent than Ecstasy. The drug, nicknamed 'Z' because of its zombie-like effects, reaches college drug dealer Skeet, who sets up a plan to sell the drugs at a rave party.

The Recall —Author, date-

Charlie joins his friends on a weekend trip to a remote cabin on the lake. They turn on the TV and discover hundreds of unnatural cloudlike clusters are hovering over Earth. The friends notice a similar eerie cloud float...

Chasing Christmas —Author, date-

Modern-day Scrooge Tom Arnold gets left decades behind by the Ghost of Christmas Past, and now must team up with the gorgeous Ghost of Christamas Present to save the future of Christmas.

Caged animal no mercy —Author, date-

Cain, a crime king-pin sentenced to life in prison, sees his son Ricky come to jail on charges of accessory to murder, followed shortly by one of the gangsters he was charged with assassinating. Things get heated in the ...

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