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Air raid search and rescue —Sutter, Marcus, author.

The paw-biting start to a thrilling new adventure series perfect for fans of Max and the I Survived books, inspired by the brave military dogs who helped our troops win World War II. When Matt's older brother enlisted in...

Hurricane rescue —Shotz, Jennifer Li.

When a hurricane strikes their community, Hero and Ben race to find their missing friend, Jack, and his dog, Scout, only to be trapped in the forest by a dangerous storm surge.

Naptime with Theo & Beau —Shyba, Jessica, author.

It all started when a loving mother posted a few pictures of her son, Beau, and their new puppy, Theo, napping together on her popular blog Momma's Gone City. But these pictures were so "unbearably adorable" (The Daily M...

Ready, set, drive!

Join the pups of the PAW Patrol as they save the day! Just grab the handles on every spread of this book to drive six different vehicles on their way to six different rescues! Steer Rubble's digger, Skye's copter, Marsha...

Mountain dog —Engle, Margarita.

When his mother is sent to jail in Los Angeles, eleven-year-old Tony goes to live with his forest ranger great-uncle in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where Tony experiences unconditional love for the first time through hi...

The snow lambs —Gliori, Debi.

Because she is on a rescue mission, Bess, the sheep dog, fails to respond when Sam's dad calls her to return home as a winter storm approaches.

Chestnut —Shotz, Jennifer Li, author.

Chestnut is a dog without a family. After being abandoned in the wild, Chestnut is wandering the North Carolina countryside trying to survive. When twelve-year-old Meg stumbles upon him on the outskirts of her family's C...

Santa Paws on Christmas Island —Edwards, Kris.

Santa Paws and the Callahan family are spending Christmas on a sunny Florida island. While the family tries to enjoy their vacation, Santa Paws is hard at work saving the day.

Sally's snow adventure —Huneck, Stephen.

Sally, a black Labrador retriever, becomes lost in the woods while on a winter vacation.

Paw Patrol Storybook Collection —Nickelodeon Publishing, Publisher Author

This collection of seven best-loved storybooks features the characters from Nickelodeon's PAW Patrol!

Santa Paws and the Christmas storm —Edwards, Kris.

While famous rescue dog Santa Paws and the Callahan family are spending Christmas on an island off the coast of Maine, a little boy goes missing in a storm.

Lily's story a puppy tale —Cameron, W. Bruce, author.
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Lily is the smallest puppy in her litter and the only girl. Her brothers are bigger and stronger and like to push her around. When Lily meets a girl named Maggie Rose at the animal shelter, Lily discovers things are not ...

The legend of Diamond Lil : a J.J. Tully mystery —Cronin, Doreen.

JJ, the search and rescue dog, is ready for a bit of rest and relaxation after solving the mystery of the missing chicks, but there is a new dog next door who is stealing the attention of Moosh and her chicks and the thr...

The fairy dogmother —Crowe, Caroline, author.

One day, Cinder, a canine resident at Woofington's Dog Rescue, receives a visit from his Fairy Dogmother! She tells him that he can make a wish for whatever he thinks would make him the happiest. But poor Cinder just doe...

Lost in the fog —Liberts, Jennifer, 1970-

The PAW patrol helps a ship captain lost in the fog. This story features the short "o" sound.

Pet rescue —Liberts, Jennifer, 1970-

The PAW patrol rescues a cat. This story features the short "e" sound.

True heroes! —Weinberg, Jennifer, 1970-

The pups help rescue Katie from a boat. This story features long vowel sounds.

Snow patrol —Weinberg, Jennifer, 1970-

Skye and Ryder help a baby snow owl. This story features the long "o" sound.

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