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The opposite zoo —Na, Il Sung, author, illustrator.

After the zoo closes, monkey slips out of his cage to explore the zoo, introducing the reader to the other animals and the idea of opposites.

Opposites —Deneux, Xavier, author.

This book explores the concept of opposites like high-low and day-night using simple, raised die-cut shapes on a left-hand page mirrored in the scooped-out forms of the right.

Hard soft —Gordon, Sharon.

Uses everyday examples, such as a baseball and a beach ball, to demonstrate the contrast between hard and soft objects.


Learn all about opposites with Thomas and his many engine friends"--Back cover.

Flora and the ostrich : an opposites book —Idle, Molly Schaar, author, illustrator.

In this book with minimal text Flora, a young dancer, learns about opposites with her new bird friend, an ostrich. Features fold-out pages.

Black and white —Ipcar, Dahlov, 1917-2017

A black dog and a white dog play together all day, and at night the black dog dreams of the jungle and its animals, and the white dog dreams of the arctic.

Up, up, down —Munsch, Robert N., 1945-

Anna loves to climb. She goes up, up, up to the very top of anything she can find! Can her mother and father get her down?

Opposites —Knowles, Kathy, 1955- author.

Let's learn about opposites! This book helps children learn about the concept of opposites while celebrating daily life in Ghana, West Africa.

Spot's opposites —Hill, Eric, 1927-

"When it's hot Spot eats ice cream. When it's cold Spot plays in the snow. Learning about opposites is fun with Spot."--P. [4] of cover.

Paul & Antoinette —Kerascoët, author, illustrator.

Paul and Antoinette have very different personalities and enjoy very different things, but somehow they are still the best of friends.

Elmer's opposites —McKee, David.

Elmer the patchwork elephant helps children learn about opposites.

The Hueys in What's the opposite? —Jeffers, Oliver, author, artist.

The Hueys explore the concept of opposites in their characteristically quirky way. Starting out with some easy ones like 'up' and 'down', they move on to ever more wildy imaginative examples, guaranteed to raise a smile!...

A stampede of dinosaurs : a clever opposite book —Barlow, Lisa.

This opposites book, full of friendly dinosaurs and clever die cut shapes, encourages little hands to explore every page

Imagine —Brown, Ruth, 1941-

As she falls asleep, a little girl uses her imagination to visualise opposite concepts like short and long, new and old, and dark and light.

Wet dry —Gordon, Sharon.

Depicts familiar scenes at a school playground on a rainy day and then on a sunny day to demonstrate the concept of wet and dry.

Night Monkey, Day Monkey —Donaldson, Julia, author.

Two friends with different sleep habits negotiate the best time to play.

Fast-slow, high-low; a book of opposites —Spier, Peter, 1927-2017

Opposite concepts such as full-empty, strong-weak, more-less are illustrated by several pairs of contrasting pictures.

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