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Search for her —Mofina, Rick, author.

"At a truck stop near Las Vegas, fourteen-year-old Riley Jarrett vanishes from her family's RV, turning their cross-country dream of starting over into a nightmare. Investigators have their work cut out for them. The mas...

Liar, liar —Jackson, Lisa, author.

"In death, Didi Storm is finally getting the kind of publicity that eluded her in life. Twenty years ago, the ex-beauty queen worked the Vegas strip as a celebrity impersonator, too busy trying to make it big to spare mu...

The last chance cafe —Miller, Linda Lael.

When a beautiful stranger moves to the small town of Primrose Creek, Nevada, two men, descendents of the towns earliest settlers, are already engaged in a property dispute. Now they will have something new to fight over....

Brass in the desert —Wheeler, Richard S., author.
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"The tale of Gladstone Brass, a solitary prospector in the Nevada desert, and the people who cross his path"-- Provided by publisher.

A nose for justice a novel —Brown, Rita Mae.
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With the ruins of her high-powered Wall Street job now far in the rearview mirror of her rented silver Camaro, thirty-two-year-old Mags Rogers arrives at her great-aunt Jeep's sprawling Wings Ranch to reassemble her life...

Montana dawn —Wallace, Stone, 1957-
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When the remnants of a ruthless outlaw gang invade the peaceful desert setting Montana Dawn shares with her gentleman husband, little does the girl suspect that her long-dormant spirit for a life far removed from her dom...

Nightrise —Horowitz, Anthony, 1955- author.

As fourteen-year-old telepathic twins struggle to escape the clutches of the Nightrise Corporation, one of them travels through dreams to a time when the evil Old Ones ruled and learns the role that he, his brother, and ...

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Following the economic collapse of a company town in rural Nevada, Fern packs her van and sets off on the road exploring a life outside of conventional society as a modern-day nomad. Along the way, she meets other nomads...

The women of Primrose Creek —Miller, Linda Lael.

Bridget - She lost her husband to the Civil War; now, starting a new life out West, she never dreamed his best friend, Trace Qualtrough, could spark a forbidden passion. Christy - All she wanted was a secure, steady home...

The Cartwright men marry —Desrosiers, Monique, author.

"Have you ever wondered what happened to those Cartwright men of the Ponderosa plains? Did they fall in love? Marry? This book explores the possible connection between the Cartwrights of today and those four men of the p...

Blackjacks of Nevada —Flagg, Ethan, author.
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Five years in prison have given Cheyenne Brady plenty of time to dwell on revenge after being left for dead during a hold-up by the Nevada Blackjacks. Upon his release Brady joins up with an old prospector, Sourdough Lam...

Meadowlark : a novel —Abrams, Melanie, author.

After growing up in an austere spiritual compound, two teenagers, Simrin and Arjun, escape and go their separate ways. Years later, Simrin receives an email from Arjun. As they reconnect, Simrin learns that he has become...

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