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4637 Results
The girl who drank the moon —Barnhill, Kelly Regan, author.
10 available of 15 items

"An epic fantasy about a young girl raised by a witch, a swamp monster, and a Perfectly Tiny Dragon, who must unlock the powerful magic buried deep inside her. Every year, the people of the Protectorate leave a baby as a...

The Titanic treasure —Luper, Eric, author.
7 available of 10 items

This time Cleo, Evan, the evil Mr. Locke, and his two trolls have all been transported to the Titanic--and if they do not find and save the priceless jeweled copy of the Rubiyat before the ship hits the iceberg and sinks...

Bad hair day —Mlynowski, Sarah, author.
41 available of 49 items

On their fifth trip through the magic mirror, siblings Abby and Jonah find themselves in the story of Rapunzel -- and they set out to free her from her tower, reunite her with her parents, and give the story a completely...

Monday with a mad genius —Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
47 available of 52 items

Jack and Annie travel 500 years back in time to Florence, Italy, and spend a day helping Leonardo da Vinci in the hope of learning another secret of happiness.

Once upon a frog —Mlynowski, Sarah, author.
17 available of 28 items

Abby is worried because Jonah has the fairy Maryrose's memories mixed up with his own, but when they try to talk to her they get sucked through the mirror and find themselves in the story of The Frog Prince.

Dragon overnight —Mlynowski, Sarah, author.
14 available of 14 items

Dory and her friends from Ms. Starr's Upside-Down Magic class set off on an overnight school field trip to Dragon Haven to see, and learn how to care for, dragons--unfortunately there are other students with regular magi...

Carnival at candlelight —Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
54 available of 61 items

While on a mission to prove to Merlin that they can use magic wisely, Jack and Annie travel to seventeenth-century Venice, Italy, to save the city from disaster.

Leprechaun in late winter —Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
37 available of 43 items

Tigers at twilight —Osborne, Mary Pope.
50 available of 59 items

Having used their magic tree house to travel to India, where they must get a gift to help free the dog Teddy from a spell, Jack and Annie have adventures involving a tiger and other endangered jungle animals.

Super Happy Magic Forest —Long, Matty, author, illustrator.
12 available of 15 items

When the Mystical Crystals of Life are stolen from the Super Happy Magic Forest--where everybody parties all the time--five unlikely heroes are chosen to go on a quest to retrieve them.

Mummies in the morning —Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
60 available of 69 items

Jack and his younger sister take a trip in their tree house back to ancient Egypt, where they help a queen's mummy continue her voyage to the Next Life.

The magic strings of Frankie Presto —Albom, Mitch, 1958-
32 available of 43 items

The voice of Music narrates the tale of its most beloved disciple, young Frankie Presto, a war orphan raised by a blind music teacher in a small Spanish town. At nine years old, Frankie is sent to America in the bottom o...

Emma the Easter Fairy —Meadows, Daisy.
20 available of 31 items

When Easter festivities are threatened by melting chocolate, spoiling eggs, and a missing Easter Bunny, Rachel and Kirsty team up with Emma the Easter Fairy to outwit Jack Frost and his goblins, who are trying to steal E...

The Artemis Fowl files —Colfer, Eoin.
15 available of 19 items

A hilarious guide to the world of Artemis Fowl and the People and fairies that unlock secrets of the Artemis Fowl books, which feature a twelve-year-old evil genius and his dealings with fairies and other magical beings....

Fantastic beasts and where to find them
52 available of 64 items

It opens in 1926 as Newt Scamander has just completed a global excursion to find and document an extraordinary array of magical creatures. Arriving in New York for a brief stopover, he might have come and gone without in...

Inkheart —Funke, Cornelia Caroline.
42 available of 47 items

Twelve-year-old Meggie learns that her father, who repairs and binds books for a living, can "read" fictional characters to life when one of those characters abducts them and tries to force him into service.

Stealing the sword —Mass, Wendy, 1967- author.
28 available of 34 items

At the flea market nine-and-a-half-year-old Chase and his younger sister Ava acquire an old suitcase filled with rows of carefully packed strange objects, and when they handle one of the objects (a dragon-headed doorknob...

Day of the Dragon King —Osborne, Mary Pope.
66 available of 70 items

The magic treehouse takes Jack and Annie back 2000 years to ancient China, where they must find the original copy of an old legend before the Imperial Library is burned down by the evil Dragon King.

Rainbow rocks : the mane event —Finn, Perdita, author.
4 available of 11 items

"The third exciting adventure in the Equestria Girls series! The girls rock a new story about friendship at Canterlot High -- provided from publisher.

Night of the new magicians —Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
57 available of 66 items

Jack and Annie visit the Paris World's Fair of 1889 in an effort to protect four scientific pioneers from an evil sorcerer.

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