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Protect nature —Barnham, Kay.

Explores how every day actions of humans can harm nature, from the pollution created by the fuel we use to the habitats that are destroyed to make way for cities.

Caring for Earth —Cavell-Clarke, Steffi, author.

"All people are part of a global community that has a responsibility to care for planet Earth. This important title introduces environmental stewardship to young readers. Relatable examples show readers how to care for t...

Earth Day —Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973- author.

"Relevant images match informative text in this introduction to Earth Day. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"-- Provided by publisher.

Celebrating Earth Day —Landau, Elaine.

"Read about what Earth Day means, Earth Day at school, and what you can do to keep our planet clean"--Provided by publisher.

The environment —Markham, Adam, 1948-

Examines how various ecosystems are being destroyed by human activities, efforts to stop the destruction, and the cost of implementing environmental policies.

Taking care of Mother Earth —Kruger, Leanne Flett, 1967-

Charlie's grandmother shows him small ways in which she helps to protect the environment.

Earth Day —Lowery, Linda, 1949-

Tells the story of Earth Day 1970 and 1990 in the United States and the special activities planned to call global attention to the problems of pollution, environmental destruction, and waste of natural resources.

Nature at risk

Focuses on the world of nature and how it is under threat by humans, discusses how we can preserve and protect wildlife and its natural resources. Includes experiments and activities.

Global warming —Peckham, Alexander.

Discusses the issue of the greenhouse effect and possible solutions to the global warming trend.

I wonder why there's a hole in the sky and other questions about the environment —Callery, Sean.

Presents facts about the Earth and the need to respect our environment.

Atlas of environmental issues —Middleton, Nick.

Describes and explains major environmental issues of the world today including soil erosion, deforestation, mechanised agriculture, oil pollution of the oceans, acid rain, overfishing, and nuclear power.

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