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Frasier. Season 2

The doctor is in! Frasier - The Complete Series includes all eleven seasons of the award-winning spinoff from Cheers. Kelsey Grammar reprises his Emmy Award-winning role as Dr. Frasier Crane, a stuffy psychiatrist turned...

Starfish Pier —Hannon, Irene, author.

A year ago, ex-Delta Force operator Steven Roark left the rigors of combat behind to run fishing charters in Hope Harbor, decompress, and talk some sense into his kid brother. Business is good-- but making peace with his...

Island of dragons —McMann, Lisa.

"Head mage Alexander Stowe and his friends successfully fended off the latest threat to their magical world of Artimé with the help of a surprise ally. But old enemies have secretly been plotting against them. Now Alex ...

Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy —Snyder, Laurel, author.

Brothers Charlie and Mouse enjoy a special visit from Grumpy.

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon is a new kind of hero, complete with a tight red 'fro, sweet moon boots, and skills that can't be topped. Napoleon spends his days drawing mythical beasts, duking it out with his older brother, Kip, and trying t...

Atanarjuat the fast runner

The telling of an Inuit legend of an evil spirit causing strife in the community and one warrior's endurance and battle of its menace.

Peace like a river —Enger, Leif.

The story of a father raising his three children in 1960s Minnesota. It is a heroic quest, a tragedy, a love story, and a haunting meditation on the possibility of magic in the everyday world.

The crown of gilded bones —Armentrout, Jennifer L., author.

"Poppy never dreamed she would find the love she's found with Prince Casteel. She wants to revel in her happiness but first they must free his brother and find hers. It's a dangerous mission and one with far-reaching con...

Fullmetal alchemist. Volume 1 —Arakawa, Hiromu, 1973-
Graphic Novel
Availability: 4 of 7

As young boys, Edward & Alphonse Elric dabbled in alchemy to try to resurrect their dead mother. As a result, Ed lost one arm and one leg, while Al lost his entire body and had his spirit sealed into a suit of armor. Now...

Reckless —Funke, Cornelia Caroline.

Jacob and Will Reckless have looked out for each other ever since their father disappeared, but when Jacob discovers a magical mirror that transports him to a warring world populated by witches, giants, and ogres, he kee...

The Boulder Brothers : meet Mo and Jo —Lynn, Sarah, 1975- author.

Mo and Jo are cavemen who, in three easy-to-read chapters, try to improve the smell of themselves and their cave, attempt to play hide-and-seek, and discover that there is more than one way to stay warm on a cold day.

Step closer —Cawthon, Scott, 1971- author.

"Isolation can open up a void. Pete lashes out at his younger brother in the wake of his parents' divorce, falling prey to a gruesome curse. Kasey struggles with the lengths she'll go to survive on the streets after stea...

Anansi boys —Gaiman, Neil, author.

Charlie Nancy leads a normal, boring existence in London. However, when he calls the U.S. to invite his estranged father to his wedding, he learns that the man just died. After jetting off to Florida for the funeral, Cha...

While you were sleeping

A woman saves the life of a stranger she admires from afar only to fall in love with his brother while the stranger is in the hospital in a coma.

The last summer at Chelsea Beach —Jenoff, Pam, author.

Young Adelia Montforte flees fascist Italy for America, where she is whisked away to the shore by her well-meaning aunt and uncle. Here, she meets and falls for Charlie Connally, the eldest of the four Irish-Catholic boy...

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