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Don't eat the babysitter! —Ward, Nick, 1955-

When their parents leave baby sharks, Sammy and Sophie with a babysitter, things are so exciting Sammy has to work hard on his unfortunate "biting" habit.

Good dog Carl and the baby elephant —Day, Alexandra, author.

Depicts the adventures of Carl and Madeleine going to the zoo with minimal text.

Amelia Bedelia under construction —Parish, Herman.

When Amelia Bedelia babysits for the Hardy family, she becomes involved in some unexpected remodeling of their house.

Amelia Bedelia and the baby —Parish, Peggy, author.

Amelia Bedelia follows to the letter the list of instructions for looking after the Lanes' baby.

Five little monkeys play hide-and-seek —Christelow, Eileen.

The five little monkeys try to avoid going to bed by playing hide and seek with the babysitter.

The magic word —Barnett, Mac, author.

When Paxton C. Heymeyer's babysitter tells him to say the magic word, she could never have imagined that what would happen next would be a walrus chasing her, an elephant in the living room playing cards, and a full wate...

Arthur babysits —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Arthur's experience babysitting for the terrible Tibble twins is as challenging as he expected, but he finally gets control by telling them a spooky story.

Time for bed, Elmo! —Albee, Sarah, author.

To the frustration of his babysitter, Elmo postpones his bedtime by doing everything from checking under the bed for something scary to petting the cat.

Max & Ruby and the Babysitting Squad —Wells, Rosemary, author, illustrator.

Ruby and Louise create their own Babysitting Squad business, but watching their first client, Percy Wardropper, proves to be a challenge.

My dog is better than your dog —Greenwald, Tom, author.

Jimmy Bishop likes crime fighters, vampires, and dogs, and he does not care for his new babysitter, so he is delighted when his new dog, Abby--who sleeps during the day, and grows huge fangs at night--turns out to be a c...

Good dog, Carl —Day, Alexandra.

Lively and unusual things happen when Carl the dog is left in charge of the baby.

Kristy and the snobs —Martin, Ann M., 1955- author.

When her mother's remarriage takes her family into a much wealthier neighborhood, thirteen-year-old Kristy finds herself surrounded by snobbish girls who compare clothes, make fun of the Baby-sitters Club, and insult her...

Five little monkeys play hide-and-seek —Christelow, Eileen.

The five little monkeys try to avoid going to bed by playing hide and seek with the babysitter.

Claudia and the new girl —Martin, Ann M., 1955- author.

Claudia's friendship with a new student who shares her interest in art threatens Claudia's membership in the Baby-sitters Club.

Good-bye Stacey, good-bye —Martin, Ann M., 1955- author.

Oh, no! Stacey McGill is moving back to New York! That means no more Stoneybrook Middle School, no more Charlotte Johanssen, and worst of all ... no more Baby-sitters Club! Stacey's friends are crushed when they hear tha...

The ghost at Dawn's house —Martin, Ann M., 1955- author.

Dawn is sure there's a ghost in her house and so are the other baby-sitters. But they're so busy with their baby-sitting jobs that they hardly have time for a ghost hunt. Will the mystery ever be solved?

Baby sitter —Kubler, Annie, 1960-

In this simple board book without words, a babysitter plays with a little boy, gives him a snack, and puts him to bed.

Little Miss Stoneybrook ... and Dawn —Martin, Ann M., 1955- author.

Each member of the Baby-sitters Club sponsors a different girl in the Little Miss Stoneybrook competition, as Dawn also tries to cope with the break-up of her family after her parents are divorced.

Babysitter bunga —Allen, Elise, author.

To everyone's surprise Bunga becomes the go-to babysitter for all the Pride Lands' parents!

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