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"P" is for peril —Grafton, Sue.

Kinsey takes on the case of Dr. Dowan Purcell, who has been missing for nine weeks.

Gone by midnight —Fox, Candice, author.

"Crimson Lake is where people with dark pasts come to disappear-and where others vanish into thin air ... Four young boys are left alone in a hotel room while their parents dine downstairs. When Sara Farrow checks on the...

The full cupboard of life —McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-

Mma Ramotswe is engaged to Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni but the date has not been set. In the meantime there is the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency to tend to. Mma Ramotswe is hired to determine whether the several suitors of a we...

T is for trespass —Grafton, Sue.
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A sociopath uses a stolen identity as a private caregiver to gain access to her intended victims while endeavoring to outmaneuver private investigator Kinsey Millhone.

The paradise affair —Pronzini, Bill, author.

"The latest Carpenter & Quincannon mystery: "Attractive characters, a finely tuned plot, and fascinating snippets of California history. Who could ask for more?"-Publishers Weekly on The Stolen Gold Affair. Quincannon's ...

The child finder : a novel —Denfeld, Rene, author.

"Three years ago, Madison Culver disappeared when her family was choosing a Christmas tree in Oregon's Skookum National Forest. She would be eight-years-old now--if she has survived. Desperate to find their beloved daugh...

Poppy Harmon and the hung jury —Hollis, Lee, author.

"If Poppy didn't believe she was in too deep as the only female juror in a high-profile assault case involving an infamously hot-tempered crooner, she's sure of it upon meeting blast-from-her-past Rod Harper. A former TV...

Egg shooters —Childs, Laura, author.

"A murder in the local hospital is raising everyone's temperature in the latest book in the New York Times bestselling Cackleberry Club series. Suzanne Dietz co-owner of the Cackleberry Club Café is visiting her fiancé...

Fortune and glory tantalizing twenty-seven —Evanovich, Janet, author.
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"When Stephanie's beloved Grandma Mazur's new husband died on their wedding night, the only thing he left her was a beat-up old easy chair ... and the keys to a life-changing fortune. But as Stephanie and Grandma Mazur s...

Miss Fisher's murder mysteries. Series 1

In 1920's Melbourne, the Honourable Phryne Fisher is a thoroughly modern woman operating in a mostly male world. The glamorous "lady detective" goes about her work with a pistol close at hand-- and, more often than not, ...

Someone is watching —Fielding, Joy.
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"Deeply shaken after a brutal attack, Bailey Carpenter struggles to reclaim control over what had once seemed like a neatly-ordered life. Unable to face her job, her friends, or even the world outside her apartment, Bail...

Riviera gold A novel of suspeanse featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes —King, Laurie R.
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It's summertime on the Riviera, where the Jazz Age is busily reinventing the holiday delights of warm days on golden sand and cool nights on terraces and dance floors. Just up the coast lies a more traditional pleasure g...

Blink of an eye —Johansen, Iris, author.

"Kendra Michaels was blind for the first twenty years of her life. Then she gained her sight through a revolutionary surgical procedure. Her former disability has left her incredibly observant and insightful--able to det...

Hitched —Clark, Carol Higgins.

Regan and her fiancé Jack, head of the NYPD Major Case Squad are getting married. Arriving at the bridal salon to pick up her gown, Regan discovers the shop has been broken into, the designers bound and gagged and weddi...

The curse of tenth grave —Jones, Darynda, author.

When three gods plot to kill her daughter, grim reaper and private investigator Charley Davidson organizes a plan to cast them into a different dimension, but questions her resolve about the god of death and destruction'...

Blink of an eye —Johansen, Iris, author.
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"Kendra Michaels was blind for the first twenty years of her life. Then she gained her sight through a revolutionary surgical procedure. Her former disability has left her incredibly observant and insightful--able to det...

Broken places —Clark, Tracy, 1961- author.

"Former cop Cass Raines has found the world of private investigation a less stressful way to eke out a living in the Windy City. But when she stumbles across the dead body of a respected member of the community, it's up ...

First grave on the right —Jones, Darynda

Using her ability to see ghosts in her work as a private investigator, Charley Davidson begins experiencing intense sensual dreams about a mysterious entity that has been following her throughout her life.

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