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Deepfake —Littman, Sarah, author.

Dara Simons and Will Halpern are head of the senior class at Greenpoint High, competitors for valedictorian, but also dating each other, a fact that they kept secret until Rumor Has It, an anonymous gossip site, spilled ...

Dear Evan Hansen the novel —Emmich, Val, author.
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Evan goes from being a nobody to everyone's hero and a social media superstar after a chance encounter with Connor just before his suicide leads others to believe Evan was his only friend.

Queen of likes —Homzie, Hillary.

"Karma Cooper is a seventh grader with thousands of followers on SnappyPic. Before Karma became a social media celebrity, she wasn't part of the in-crowd at Merton Middle School. But thanks to one serendipitous photo, Ka...

Dating disasters of Emma Nash —Seager, Chloe, author.

"Emma Nash may be down, but after months of wallowing, stalking her ex online and avoiding showering--because, really, who's going to care?--Emma's ready to own her newly single status, get out with her friends, and chro...

Whisker Wizard —Holm, Jennifer L., author.

"Babymouse becomes a influencer after she tries out a new whisker style and posts a tutorial online." -- Provided by publisher.

Count me in —Bajaj, Varsha, author.

Told from two viewpoints, sixth-graders Karina and Chris use social media to stand up to racism in Houston, Texas, after an attack puts Karina's Indian American grandfather in the hospital.

Bad girls with perfect faces —Weingarten, Lynn, author.

Seventeen-year-old Sasha, desperate to save her best friend Xavier from more heartache, creates a social media trap for his ex-girlfriend with the hopes of exposing her cheating ways, but Sasha's plan takes a dangerous t...

True to your selfie —McCafferty, Megan, author.

Twelve-year-old Ella has not even started seventh grade yet, but she has already been drawn into the fire of social media, because for some unknown reason "popular" Morgan has designated her as a best friend and has ambi...

Banana splits —Simon, Coco, author.

"Tamiko makes a snarky comment on social media meant only for her friends to see, but she accidentally posts it on the Molly's website and it goes viral! Even though she removes the comment almost immediately, people hav...

Listen to your heart —West, Kasie, author.

When Kate Bailey lets her best friend, Alana, talk her into joining their high school's podcast she did not expect to find herself as the host, or to enjoy answering calls and giving advice on the air, but she is actuall...

Fake —Cooner, Donna D. (Donna Danell), author.

Maisie Fernandez has just about convinced herself that she does not care about her weight or her looks, or about only having one friend in Fort Collins High School (nerdy Owen Carpenter), but "Sienna", the internet profi...

Iggy's world —Anderson-Dargatz, Gail, 1963- author.

'Iggy's World' is an exploration of the age-old problem artists face: when we find inspiration from our real lives, what will our friends and family think? And, of course, just how much of our private lives do we really ...

All these monsters —Tintera, Amy, author.

Seventeen-year-old Clara runs away from home to join a vigilante monster-flghting squad, only to discover that sometimes the most dangerous monsters are where you least expect them.

Epic fail —Watson, Cristy, 1964- author.

"This book tells a tough but realistic story about teen relationships and sexual assault and how social media plays a role in magnifying its impact. In suburban Vancouver, in a multiracial mixed-income neighbourhood, thr...

Sunny Song will never be famous —Park, Suzanne, author.

"A social media influencer is shipped off to a digital detox summer camp in this funny coming-of-age story"-- Provided by publisher.

No filter —Collins, Orlagh, author.

Emerald's seemingly perfect life is shattered and she is sent to spend a summer with her grandmother in an isolated beach town, where she connects with Liam, who has secrets of his own.

Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous —Park, Suzanne, author.

"A PopSugar Best Book of June! "An absolute joy to read. I completely demolished it one sitting." -- Alethea Kontis, NPR.org A social media influencer is shipped off to a digital detox summer camp in this funny coming-of...

Find Layla : a novel —Elison, Meg, author.

Underprivileged and keenly self-aware, SoCal fourteen-year-old Layla Bailey isn't used to being noticed. Except by mean girls who tweet about her ragged appearance. All she wants to do is indulge in her love of science, ...

How to disappear —Roat, Sharon Huss, author.

Introverted high school student, Vicky Decker, invents a social life on social media.

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