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Mumbo gumbo murder —Childs, Laura, author.
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"A shocking murder strikes a sour note during Jazz Fest in the latest New Orleans Scrapbooking Mystery from New York Times bestselling author Laura ChildsIt's Jazz Fest in New Orleans, and the giant puppets from the Beas...

Glitter bomb —Childs, Laura, author.
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It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans and scrapbook shop owner Carmela Bertrand is at the Pluvius parade with her best friend Ava. Carmela's ex-husband, Shamus, is riding by on his float at the head of the parade when suddenly ...

Death swatch —Childs, Laura.
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Amid zydeco rhythms and popping champagne corks, bead-draped revelers are moving into the streets, and Jekyl Hardy is playing host to a party in his elegant French Quarter apartment. On a wild night like this, anything c...

Scrapping plans a sisters, ink novel —Seitz, Rebeca, 1977-
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Joy is a control freak. And proud of it. But when her life's carefully designed plan hits obstacles even she can't overcome, Joy isn't sure what to do. Turn to her sisters for help, of course. But she's always let Kendra...

Photo, snap, shot a Kiki Lowenstein scrap-n-craft mystery —Slan, Joanna Campbell.
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Kiki reluctantly teams up with her ex-boyfriend Detective Detweiler to investigate the murder of an unpopular teacher in order to protect her daughter Anya, who found the body in the theater and may have seen the killer....

The jigsaw jungle —Levine, Kristin (Kristin Sims), 1974- author.

Claudia Dalton, twelve, embarks on an unexpected treasure hunt that she hopes will bring her missing father home and heal whatever is wrong with her family. Told through notes, emails, audio and video transcripts, and mo...

The day we met : a novel —Coleman, Rowan.

"When Claire starts to write her Memory Book, she already knows that this scrapbook of mementoes will soon be all her daughters and husband have of her. In her mid-40s, Claire is scared and increasingly confused by the w...

Sisters, Ink —Seitz, Rebeca, 1977-
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Ten years after their mother's death, the multiracial, separately adopted Sinclair sisters continue to return to her converted attic scrapbooking studio in the small town of Stars Hill, Tennessee, encouraging each other ...

Perfect piece a Sisters, Ink novel —Seitz, Rebeca, 1977-
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Like never before, the Sinclair sisterhood's foundation is shaken when Meg - the bedrock sibling most like Momma - collapses with a brain tumor. Surgery can remove the invading mass, but not the mood swings, depression, ...

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