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PAW patrol, Mighty Pups. Super paws

Mighty missions call for a mighty team! In these four paw-some episodes, the Mighty Pups try to stop Harold Humdinger before he puts Adventure Bay in a deep freeze, they also team up with their new pals The Mighty Twins ...

PAW patrol. Pizza party

The adventure is baked right into these 6 PAWsome rescues! Don't miss as Adventure Bay works together to make the world's highest tower of pizza and more delicious episodes in this knead to see pack!

PAW patrol. Dino rescue

Roar into a prehistoric land with the PAW Patrol in these six dino-mite tales, including two double-length missions! Join the pups as they roll into Dino Wilds to keep their new friends safe from an erupting volcano and ...

Paw Patrol. Ultimate rescue

Get ready for an Ultimate Ruff-Ruff Rescue! Gear up with Marshall and his team as they roll out in the Ultimate Fire Truck to cool off a fire-breathing robot. Then, join Skye, Chase, Rocky, and Zuma for more Ultimate Res...

PAW patrol. Rubble on the double

Get ready to raise the woof with Rubble and the rest of the PAW Patrol in these nine construction missions! Whether they're saving animals, superheroes, or even a rock-and-roll show, the pups can always build a plan to s...

Flash —Miles, Ellen.

When Charles and Lizzie visit their cousin in the country, they find an abandoned border collie puppy. Flash is full of energy, so Charles and Lizzy must find the right match for the puppy. Will they be able to find Flas...

PAW patrol. Party patrol

Throw your paws up in the air - the Paw Patrol Pups are here to Party! Join in as the pups boogie on down to a carnival to help find the missing prizes and retrieve a lost piñata. And watch Rubble spin some tunes when h...

PAW patrol, Mighty Pups. Charged up

When a new, super-power replicating baddie known as the Copy Cat shows up in Adventure Bay, Ryder has to charge up the Mighty Pups with the mighty meteor, giving them all-new secondary super powers! With their new abilit...

PAW patrol. Pups chase a mystery

Calling all Pups! Join Chase and the pups as they save a runaway stargazer! Next, the pups try to crack the mysterious case of a missing cellphone, and things get freaky when Chase and Chickaletta switch bodies. Then joi...

PAW patrol. Summer rescues

From a firework rescue to saving a chili cook-off, no job is too big and no pup is too small.

Barbie & her sisters in a puppy chase

Barbie and her sisters discover everything's better when you do it together in this splashy, sun-kissed adventure! After the girls and their pets arrive at an island paradise for Chelsea's big dance competition, they dec...

Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur and the new puppy —Hale, Bruce, author.

When Danny gets a new puppy, he reunites with longtime friend Dinosaur for a fun-filled day of playing fetch and rolling over, dinosaur-style.

PAW patrol. Purr-fect rescues

Pounce on these 6 Purr-fect Rescues! The Paw Patrol pups help the Kitten Catastrophe Crew save a kittens stuck in a tree, floating kittens, and the Adventure Bay cat show. Join in on the fun - right meow.

Bubble Guppies. The Great Guppy Games!

Ready, set, get wet! Dive into 5 swim-sational sports as the Bubble Guppies take part in the Summer Camp Games, the Super Ballet Bowl, and the royally awesome Glitter Games! Plus, make a splash with a game of Puddleball ...

PAW patrol. Pups save Puplantis

The PAW Patrol is diving back in for six underwater adventures! Join Marshall, Chase, Zuma, Skye, Rubble, and Rocky as they save Puplantis, rescue a wiggly whale, and save the Sea Patroller from pirates.

PAW patrol. Big barn rescues

Spend a day at the farm with Paw Patrol and Farmer Al in these 6 Big Barn Rescues! Meet all sorts of farm animals including Chickaletta the chicken, a few shivering sheep and Priscilla the Pony. Four legs or two legs - i...

PAW patrol. Sea patrol. 3 the great pirate rescue!

Get your tail scally-wagging and hit the high seas for 6 pirate adventures! The pups need all paws on deck as they uncover a secret pirate cave and emBARK on a tremendous treasure hunt with Cap'n Turbot! Then, it's ruff ...

PAW patrol. Arctic holiday

Bundle up for these 6 paw-sitively cool missions! You'll see the pups use their Arctic Terrain Vehicle to rescue Daring Danny X as he snowboards towards a risky ridge as well as many more icy adventures.

PAW patrol. Everest, the snowy mountain pup

Ice or snow, Everest is ready to go! Whenever there's snowy trouble, the newest pup on the PAW Patrol is ready to plow to the rescue. Join Everest on 6 icy adventures.

PAW patrol. Winter wonder show

Keep cool during the holidays with the PAW Patrol as these snowbound pups get into some wintery adventures. Slide into chills and thrills in this Winter Wonder Show pack with 5 PAW-sitively fun episodes.

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