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4 Results
Cozy —Brett, Jan, 1949- author, illustrator.
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The coat of a huge wooly musk ox named Cozy is the winter home for a growing number of Alaskan animals who mostly get along.

The muskox and the caribou —Mike, Nadia, author.
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"Baby Muskox is all alone on the tundra, lost and very worried. When Mother Caribou and Baby Caribou find him, they bring him back to their herd. Even though Baby Muskox finds comfort with Mother Caribou, he knows he's a...

The itchy little musk ox —Brown, Tricia.
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Although his mother urges patience, a young musk ox who cannot wait for his skin to stop itching wanders away from the herd to find anything with which he can scratch, and meets three other creatures who teach him about ...