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Peppa Pig story treasury.

"Join Peppa Pig, George, and all their friends for six separate stories ... all in one book! Perfect for curling up with during story hour or at bedtime, this collection whisks readers away on adventure after adventure w...

Who let the frogs out? —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Detective brothers Frank and Joe work to solve a muddy mystery when the spring break Mud Bud Run is canceled due to a frog infestation.

Mud puddle —Munsch, Robert N., 1945-

If Jule Ann sits under a tree or in a sandbox, or even wears a raincoat on a sunny day, the mud puddle will follow her and make her dirty, until one day she battles the persistent puddle with two bars of soap, chasing it...

Rot : the bravest in the world! —Clanton, Ben, 1988- author.

COMPANION TO: ROT, THE CUTEST IN THE WORLD!, ISBN 9781481467629. Rot faces a scary, squirmy new challenge and finds what makes him feel brave in this sweet and slimy companion to 'Rot, the Cutest in the World'! From the ...

Mucky truck —Paquette, Ammi-Joan, author.

When a little truck gets stuck in the mud, his other truck friends come to help out.

Mudkin —Gammell, Stephen.

While playing outside on a rainy day, a little girl peers into a puddle and sees Mudkin, who invites her to become his queen.

What a mess! —Krensky, Stephen.

Although each child is making a mess of his or her own, they all deny responsibility for the mud being tracked through the house.

Ducks in muck —Houran, Lori Haskins.

Ducks escape from trucks that are stuck in the muck.

Mud —Ray, Mary Lyn.

As winter melts into spring, the frozen earth turns into magnificent mud.

Peppa pig and the muddy puddles.

When it begins raining, Peppa is excited by the prospect of muddy puddles, but the rain soon turns into a flood and Peppa makes the most of it.

Mud Pie Annie —Buchanan, Sue.

Mud Pie Annie is a spunky little girl with an exceptional talent for cooking with flair, creating her concoctions with mud, dirt, and a lot of pride and care.

Stuck in the mud —Clarke, Jane, 1954-

In this cumulative, rhyming story, a little chick needs help from all his farmyard friends to get out of the mud.

The mud monster's Halloween —Rex, Michael.

A boy accidentally wins a costume contest by becoming a mud monster.

Muck's muddy day. —Silverhardt, Lauryn.

"Travis gets stuck in the mud, and it's up to Muck to pull him out. When Muck finally gets Travis out, mud splatters everywhere!"

Puddleman —Staunton, Ted, 1956-

When Michael fills his sandbox with water and then jumps right in, Puddleman is born. Puddleman loves playing in the mud- especially after he's scared off the Glassgrinder twins and made the nosy lady next door faint.

Larryboy and the mud-slingers! —Peterson, Doug.

A mud-balloon fight--orchestrated by the dastardly Big Apple--threatens to destroy the city until Larryboy figures out that the key to stopping the fighting lies in forgiving one another.

Mud puddle —Munsch, Robert N., 1945-

When Jule Ann goes outside in her brand-new clothes, a mud puddle jumps on her and gets her completely dirty. The mud gets in her ears, eyes, and even her mouth. Jule Ann's mother scrubs her clean and puts her in new clo...

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