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5-minute hockey stories —Braithwaite, Meg, author.

From building an ice rink in your living room, to scoring a golden goal, to the thrill of your first hockey game, '5-Minute Hockey Stories' is packed with a dozen stories of Canada's favourite game. Each story is the per...

Peril at the world's biggest hockey tournament —MacGregor, Roy, 1948-

The Screech Owls are excited to be playing in the Bell Capital Cup in Ottawa especially when they learn that political leaders from around the world will be attending the final game. But a terrorist calling himself 1/1 h...

Goodnight hockey —Dahl, Michael, author.

A young fan cheers on his hometown hockey team, and then returns home to snuggle into bed.

The hockey sweater —Carrier, Roch, 1937-

With every boy in a small Quebec town wearing the sweater of the Montreal Canadiens to play hockey, one child is horrified when, because of a mail order mix-up, he is forced to wear a Toronto Maple Leafs sweater.

Brady Brady and the super skater —Shaw, Mary, 1965-

When the newest member of the Icehogs encounters some bad luck, Brady helps his teammate realize that she will have to wear her glass to improve her game and reassures her that her teammates won't tease her.

The moccasin goalie —Brownridge, William Roy, 1932-

"In this story, a young boy is disappointed that he doesn't make the town hockey team. But when the regular goalie is injured, Danny has a chance to prove himself a winner" Cf. Our choice, 1996-1997.

Brady Brady teammate turnaround —Shaw, Mary, 1965- author.

"Chester is disappointed that he's been placed on a different team this season and decides that if he can't play with the Icehogs then he won't play at all. Brady Brady rekindles Chester's love of the game and together w...

The stars from Mars —Korman, Gordon.

When school sportswriter "Chipmunk" Adelman find out the kids from his hometown, Mars, he knows he has a story.

Brady Brady and the MVP —Shaw, Mary, 1965-

Brady Brady's friend Kev learns that it's not only the goal scorers who are valuable members of a team.

The ice chips and the haunted hurricane —MacGregor, Roy, 1948- author.

"The team's second adventure has them travelling to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the middle of a storm, as a young Sidney Crosby teaches the Ice Chips about perseverance and creativity-showing them that you don't need fancy ...

Goodnight hockey —Dahl, Michael, author.

A young fan cheers on his hometown hockey team, and then returns home to snuggle into bed.

The puck drops here —Sylvester, Kevin, author, illustrator.

"A hilarious new high-action series from Kevin Sylvester pits six ordinary kids with super hockey skills against the forces of evil--specifically, the nefarious wannabe genius, Clarence Crosscheck. In The Puck Drops Here...

Hockey with Dad —Sellars, Willie, 1984- author.

COMPANION TO: DIPNETTING WITH DAD, ISBN 9781927575536. In his second book, Sellars continues the adventures of Little Brother as he grows and learns about the importance of hockey to his Secwepemc community. Dynamic illu...

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