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Scavenger hunt heist —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Embarking on a class trip to Bayport Bear Park, Frank and Joe join in an exciting scavenger hunt before learning that the prizes slated for the winning team have been stolen or destroyed by an unknown culprit.

A treacherous tide —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

"Frank and Joe are off to the Florida Keys to work alongside Lookout Shark Lab's Dr. E. Ella Edwards, one of the world's foremost marine biologists. On their first evening, Dr. Edwards paddleboards out to check on a lemo...

Return to Black Bear Mountain —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Brother detectives Frank and Joe return to dangerous Black Bear Mountain to help locate a scientist gone missing from a remote research station.

Hardy Boys, undercover brothers. #8, Board to death —Lobdell, Scott.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 6 of 8

Frank and Joe go undercover at a major skateboarding contest in Venice, California, to try to find out who is killing off the competition.

Trouble Island —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

"A cooking competition goes wrong when a storm traps both the Hardy brothers and a criminal on the small Rubble Island"-- Provided by publisher.

Bug-napped —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

"Detective brothers Frank and Joe search for a very special beetle"-- Provided by publisher.

Deception on the set —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Joe and Frank Hardy are excited to be cast as extras in the zombie movie that's filming in their hometown. Not only is film production way more exciting than what usually goes on in Bayport, it also doesn't hurt that the...

Hardy boys, undercover brothers. #5, Sea you, sea me —Lobdell, Scott.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 19 of 22

Frank and Joe go undercover to discover why teen seamen on an old fishing boat keep going missing. Is one of the crew responsible?

Robot rescue! —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Frank and Joe are excited to join Chet as he gets a preview of Robo Freeze, Bayport's newest sweet treat phenomenon. But Robo Freeze isn't just any ice cream shop--Sherbot the robot scoops and tops your cone to your exac...

Secret of the Red Arrow —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Joe and Frank investigate some pranks around Bayport, leading them to the Red Arrow, a crime gang.

Comic con artist —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe try to uncover the criminal responsible for forging versions of valuable original comic-book art.

Who let the frogs out? —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Detective brothers Frank and Joe work to solve a muddy mystery when the spring break Mud Bud Run is canceled due to a frog infestation.

The curse of the ancient emerald —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Frank and Joe must take the shine off a jewel thief who sends ominous riddles in this Hardy Boys adventure. First a priceless painting disappears from the museum; then two ancient samurai swords vanish from a private col...

Bad luck skate —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Bayport Elementary's detective brothers Frank and Joe Hardy are on the case when someone sabotages the hockey team's lucky charm right before the championship game.

Running on fumes —Dixon, Franklin W.

The Hardy boys investigate a Utopian community planning acts of eco-terrorism against the oil industry.

A skateboard cat-astrophe —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Everyone in Bayport is talking about the first annual skateboard contest. The winner gets free mac and cheese balls from The Easy Cheesy food truck for the whole year! Frank and Joe just wish there was someone to beat th...

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