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Scavenger hunt heist —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

Embarking on a class trip to Bayport Bear Park, Frank and Joe join in an exciting scavenger hunt before learning that the prizes slated for the winning team have been stolen or destroyed by an unknown culprit.

Hardy Boys, undercover brothers. #2, Identity theft —Lobdell, Scott.
Graphic Novel
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What is the mysterious organization known as ATAC (American Teenagers Against Crime)? And how are detective brothers Frank, Joe, and Fenton Hardy involved? Uncover the clues to these questions as the Hardy brothers take ...

The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew mysteries. Season 2

It's the world's greatest teen super-sleuths to the rescue as Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys return in 22 hour-long episodes of The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries Season Two! Based on the hugely popular books and starrin...

Thrill ride —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe travel to Massachusetts where they investigate a death and other mysterious events occurring at an amusement park.

Boardwalk bust —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe travel to New Jersey where they investigate a series of robberies at jewelry stores.

A rockin' mystery —Dixon, Franklin W.

Looking forward to seeing their favorite band at Bayport's Battle of the Bands, Frank and Joe Hardy are on the case when a bass guitar belonging to one of the band members goes missing, a situation that compromises the g...

The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew mysteries. Season 1

Follow the clues to mystery, adventure and thrills with these brave super teen sleuths on all of their spellbinding cases and smash-hit songs. Includes all fourteen episodes of the first season.

Danger overseas —Keene, Carolyn.

One foreign city. One big crime. Three of the best teen detectives of all time.

Comic con artist —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe try to uncover the criminal responsible for forging versions of valuable original comic-book art.

Running on fumes —Dixon, Franklin W.

The Hardy boys investigate a Utopian community planning acts of eco-terrorism against the oil industry.

Galaxy X —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe Hardy are on a mission to find out who is sabotaging the new X Games theme park, Galaxy X.

Death and diamonds —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe's mission is to protect potential victims and prevent the theft of diamonds from a fashion show.

Top ten ways to die —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe Hardy are assigned to stop a killer from murdering a young rock star, and discover that she has no shortage of enemies ready to pounce.

Burned —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe try to stop the illegal international CD-burning operation that employs teenagers.

Foul play —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe infiltrate Pinnacle College's top-seeded football team in order to investigate rumours that a player is being bribed to throw the championship game.

Feeding frenzy —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe investigate a mysterious death at a hot dog eating contest.

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