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100 things to know about saving the planet

How could plastic-eating bacteria help reduce waste? Can a river be given human rights? Could we generate all the power we need from the sun and the wind? How do woolly sweaters help penguins in peril? Would building a g...

You can change the world : the kids' guide to a better planet —Bell, Lucy, author.

Kids around the world are working together to make our planet a better, safer, happier place--and now you can join in with this practical guide! You Can Change the World empowers kids to make changes in their lives and c...

Just a dream —Van Allsburg, Chris.

When he has a dream about a future Earth devastated by pollution, Walter begins to understand the importance of taking care of the environment.

Ours to share : coexisting in a crowded world —Jones, Kari (Kari Lynne), 1966- author.

"Part of the nonfiction Footprints series for middle readers, illustrated with color photographs. Examines how overpopulation leads to unequal sharing of the earth's social and natural resources"-- Provided by publisher....

Where have the unicorns gone? —Yolen, Jane.

The unicorns flee from the noise, violence, and destruction of civilization and find refuge in the sea.

You can save the planet : 50 ways you can make a difference —Wines, Jacquie.

Describes fifty useful things that readers can do to make their homes, schools, and neighborhoods more environmentally friendly, including how to save water around the house, what to do with kitchen leftovers, and why ap...

How to reduce your carbon footprint —Bishop, Amanda.

Describes what a carbon footprint is and ways in which to reduce it, including conserving energy and reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Brother eagle, sister sky : a message from Chief Seattle —Seattle, Chief, 1790-1866.

A Suquamish Indian chief describes his people's respect and love for the earth, and concern for its destruction.

Forests —French, Jess, author.

"Readers can begin by exploring different forest types around the world, discovering what makes each of them precious and unique, before taking a look at the causes, effects, and solutions to deforestation. The final sec...

Leaving our mark : reducing our carbon footprint —Dickmann, Nancy, author.

"Human activity often leaves a trail of harmful carbon behind that directly impacts our planet. This informative book describes how every individual produces a "carbon footprint" by using energy made by burning fossil fu...

A dolphin's wish : how you can help make a difference and save our oceans —McCurdie, Trevor, author.

A dolphin tells his son a bedtime story about the plastic pollution that endangers the ocean and the creatures in it. Includes information about how to help save the oceans.

Protecting the planet —Spilsbury, Louise.

"A picture book about the effects of littering, pollution, and global warming, and how we can care for the earth"-- Provided by publisher.

J'aime la terre —Parr, Todd.

Simple text and illustrations show how children can help protect the Earth.

The Environment : Explore, Create and Investigate!. —Litton, Jonathan, author.

What on Earth? The Environment is a simple first introduction to the environment--the air, soil, water, plants, and animals. How do we as humans slot into the natural world around us and how do our actions affect the env...

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