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I'm so embarrassed! —Munsch, Robert N., 1945- author.

Andrew's mom is always embarrassing him. When they go to the mall to buy new shoes, she does it again and again. But this time, Andrew and his friend Taylor-Jae have a plan.

Something's wrong! : a bear, a hare, and some underwear —John, Jory, author.

Jeff the bear is sure he has forgotten something when he sets out from home, but none of the animals he meets initially inform him that he is only wearing his underwear, until he reaches his friend Anders the hare--who q...

Ma mère exagère! —Munsch, Robert N., 1945-

La mère d'André lui fait toujours honte, surtout quand ils vont ensemble au centre commercial. Mais cette fois, André se joint à son amie Tania pour lui donner une bonne leçon.

Double Fudge —Blume, Judy.

His younger brother's obsession with money and the discovery of long-lost cousins Flora and Fauna provide many embarrassing moments for twelve-year-old Peter.

Snowboard sham —Maddox, Jake, author.

When Will Pastora's family arrived at the Sorenson Resort for a family vacation he did not know that there was going to be a snowboarding competition; he enjoys snowboarding, but he is embarrassed to admit that he is onl...

Alice in Blunderland —Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.

Fourth-grader Alice tries unsuccessfully to avoid embarrassing mistakes and to establish better relations with her older brother Lester.

Arthur's back-to-school surprise —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Arthur is in for some embarrassing moments after he, D.W., and their mother shop for school supplies and end up buying two identical backpacks.

Sam Wu is not afraid of spiders —Tsang, Katie, 1987- author.

"Sam Wu is NOT afraid of anything. Well, maybe some things--like ghosts, sharks... and the dark's pretty scary, too. And now he has something new to worry about: Tulip, the big, hairy pet tarantula that lives in the sixt...

Nasreddine —Weulersse, Odile, 1938-

As Nasreddine and his father take dates, wool, chickens, or watermelon to market, people tease them no matter who is riding their donkey, and this causes Nasreddine embarrassment until his father helps him to understand....

A royal pain in the burp —Krulik, Nancy E.

When George's class is asked to present their family trees on television, George discovers that he is related to the king of some place no one has ever heard of, and he worries that his embarrassment will bring on a burp...

The Pepper party family feud face-off —Cooper, Jay, 1974- author.

When Maria's family embarrasses her while she tries to win her tryout to be the school mascot, she decides she wants to leave the Pepper pack permanently.

Chuckle and cringe : SpongeBob's book of embarrassing stories —Lewman, David.

SpongeBob and his friends reveal the details of their most embarrassing experiences.

The terrible underpants —Cooke, Kaz, 1962-

When Wanda-Linda finds all her nice underpants still dripping on the clothesline, she is forced to wear the "terrible underpants", a baggy, stained pair, which she hopes no one will notice.

My dad does belly dancing —Gates, Susan.

"Not belly dancing!" thinks Cal. He can't believe it. His Dad wants to get fit and he's doing belly dancing. What will everyone at school say?

Arthur's underwear. —Brown, Marc Tolon.

It takes a really embarrassing moment in the school cafeteria to cure Arthur of his fear of being caught in his underwear.

Amelia's most unforgettable embarrassing moments —Moss, Marissa.

Amelia records in her diary a nightmare come true when her older sister tags along on a sixth-grade class trip, and Amelia must deal with her snoring and disgusting eating habits.

Attack of the mutant underwear —Birdseye, Tom.

Fifth-grader Cody Carson keeps a journal of his hopes for a fresh start in a town where nobody knows about his humiliating mistakes of the past, but before school even begins so does his embarrassment.

I barfed on Mrs. Kenly —Harper, Jessica.

When Cleo has a bout of carsickness on her way to a birthday swimming party, she is terribly embarrassed but her friend's mother helps her to forget the incident by encouraging Cleo to show off her talent for diving.

Attack of the mutant underwear —Birdseye, Tom.
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Fifth-grader Cody Carson keeps a journal of his hopes for a fresh start in a town where nobody knows about his humiliating mistakes of the past, but before school even begins so does his embarrassment.

Pupi y el monstruo de la vergüenza —Menéndez-Ponte, María.

"Rosy está invitada a una fiesta de carnaval, pero le da apuro ir. Menos mal que Pupi siempre está despuesto a ayudar a sus amigos acompañandolos a las fiesta...! Y hasta enfrentándose al monstruo de la vergüenza, s...

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