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Wear, repair, repurpose : a maker's guide to mending and upcycling clothes —Fulop, Lily, author.

"Reclaim your clothes and reduce fashion waste with illustrated instructions for mending and more Replacing buttons, darning socks, and other mending skills have largely been lost to the decades. Yet, as the eco-consciou...

Hacking fashion. Denim —Fontichiaro, Kristin, author.

"Turn old jeans into something new and exciting with Hacking Fashion: Fleece. With this book, students learn the art of innovation through detailed explanations and hands-on activities built to foster creativity and prob...

Mend! : a refashioning manual and manifesto —Sekules, Kate, author.

"A guide to the art, history, and politics of visible mending--at once a practical instruction guide for techniques, a statement on the beauty of repairing and reimagining clothes, and a manifesto against fast fashion. P...

Second-time cool : the art of chopping up a sweater —Lindén Ivarsson, Anna-Stina.

Provides ideas of how to transform an old wool sweater into new creations, including bags and purses, hats, skirts, and tops.

Stylish remakes : upcycle your old T's, sweats and flannels into trendy street fashion pieces —Room, Violette, author.

Apply the latest upcycle fashion ingenuity to upcycle your tired old clothes and charity shop finds into trendy new threads! 'Stylish Remakes' shows you how to give new attitude to the stuff you have had in your wardrobe...

Chic on a shoestring : simple to sew vintage-style accessories —Baxter, Mary Jane.

Step-by-step instructions and inspiration for creating new fashions and accessories from old clothing, like turning trims and vintage buttons into brooches and making a silk scarf into a top.

Get the most from your clothes —Elliot, Marion.

Learn to upcycle, restyle and customize the contents of your wardrobe to produce better-than-new outfits and fun, creative accessories using only your sewing stash and imagination.

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