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617 Results
The Berenstain Bears go back to school —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005.
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On the first day of the new school year, the Berenstain cubs are reminded that "though school is a challenge, it can also be fun."

The Berenstain bears and the sitter —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005.
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Brother and Sister Bear are not happy with the idea of Mrs. Grizzle for a baby-sitter, but they find her drawstring bag very intriguing.

Boogie Bear —Walliams, David, 1971- author.
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"Up at the North Pole, a big furry polar bear is swimming, fishing and eating. But when she nods off and finds herself far from home, she thinks things can't get any worse. But they can ... Much worse! An outrageously fu...

The complete tales & poems of Winnie-the-Pooh —Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956, author.
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This special volume brings together all of the Pooh stories and all of the poems in one full-color, large-format book with complete and unabridged text and illustrations.

The Berenstain Bears play football! —Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author.
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The Berenstain Bears enjoy a fun-filled day outdoors playing football with their friends.

The Berenstain Bears clean house —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author, illustrator.
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When Mama, Papa, Sister, and Brother decide to clean their house, they find that it is difficult to get rid of things.

The Berenstain Bears' seashore treasure —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author, illustrator.
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When the Bear family goes to the seashore, they find a map which they hope will lead them to buried treasure.

The Berenstain Bears' new kitten —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author.
31 available of 39 items

One day while Brother Bear is hunting bullfrogs, he finds a tiny, muddy kitten instead, and when he takes it home and introduces it to Mama, Papa, Sister, and the family dog, they all decide to keep it.

The Berenstain Bears storybook treasury —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005.
2 available of 4 items

Collects six stories in which the Berenstain Bears meet a new puppy, learn about cleaning up, wish upon a star, take a trip, visit the seashore, and stay home from school.

Bears on wheels —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author.
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An acrobatic act begins with one bear on a unicycle and ends with twenty-one bears and sixteen wheels flying through the air.

Come home already! —John, Jory, author.
Book + Audio
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An excited Duck wants to hang out with Bear. But Bear's gone fishing for a whole week and is happy to finally get a second alone. What will Duck do while Bear is gone? How will he survive without his best pal?!

The Berenstain Bears' new pup —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author.
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Mama, Sister, and Brother are excited about the puppy they bring home from Farmer Ben's farm, even though she takes a lot of care.

The Berenstain Bears patience, please —Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author, illustrator.
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Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear eagerly select seeds and plant their own gardens, but when the growing takes longer than expected, Mama and Papa remind them that patience is also required.

Old hat, new hat —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author.
19 available of 29 items

Can the perfect old hat really be replaced by a new one?

The Berenstain bears' report card trouble —Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005.
31 available of 32 items

When Brother Bear's spends too much time on sports and brings home a terrible report card, the whole family pitches in to help him improve his grades.

I want my hat back —Klassen, Jon, author.
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A bear almost gives up his search for his missing hat until he remembers something important.

Bear says thanks —Wilson, Karma, author.
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Bear thanks his friends for bringing food dishes to his dinner party and finds a way of sharing something of his own.

Blueberries for Sal —McCloskey, Robert, 1914-2003, author.
54 available of 68 items

Little Sal and Little Bear both lose their mothers while eating blueberries and almost end up with the other's mother.

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