226 Results
226 Results
The ghost of Blackwood Hall —Keene, Carolyn.
22 available of 25 items

When Nancy, Bess and George travel to the French Quarter in New Orleans to help recover stolen jewelry, they are lead to a deserted old mansion said to be haunted by a phantom organist.

The clue of the tapping heels —Keene, Carolyn.
22 available of 23 items

Nancy Drew and her friends solve a mystery of the strange tapping sounds in the house of a retired actress involving an invalid, cats, and tap dancing.

The secret of the old clock —Keene, Carolyn.
37 available of 40 items

Nancy Drew searches for an old mantel clock hoping that it contains clues to find a missing will.

The clue of the leaning chimney —Keene, Carolyn.
17 available of 20 items

Nancy Drew and Bess Marvin discover that a rare and valuable Chinese vase has been stolen from the pottery shop of Dick Milton, a cousin of Bess. They decide to unravel all the twisted strands of this intriguing mystery....

The ringmaster's secret —Keene, Carolyn.
6 available of 9 items

Nancy Drew joins the circus in order to investigate the mystery surrounding a gold charm bracelet and a young orphaned aerialist.

Mystery at the ski jump —Keene, Carolyn.
16 available of 18 items

The blatant acts of a lady swindler posing as Nancy Drew arouse the suspicion of friends and local police against the real Nancy.

The haunted bridge —Keene, Carolyn.
21 available of 23 items

Nancy Drew becomes involved in a double mystery concerning a haunted bridge and jewel thieves.

The scarlet slipper mystery —Keene, Carolyn.
15 available of 19 items

Nancy Drew comes to the aid of the owners of a local dancing school when they receive an anonymous note threatening their lives.

The secret of the golden pavilion —Keene, Carolyn.
14 available of 17 items

Nancy and her friends go to Hawaii to solve a mystery involving an inheritance.

The hidden window mystery —Keene, Carolyn.
22 available of 27 items

Nancy Drew visits her cousin in Virginia hoping to locate a missing stained-glass window.

The clue in the crumbling wall —Keene, Carolyn.
26 available of 26 items

While trying to locate a missing dancer who is about to gain a large inheritance, Nancy Drew uncovers a plot to defraud the dancer of the inheritance.

The clue in the old album. —Keene, Carolyn.
18 available of 21 items

At a doll collector's request for help, a young sleuth searches for an old album, a lost doll, and a missing gypsy violinist.

Nancy Drew ghost stories. —Keene, Carolyn.
4 available of 4 items

The mystery of the ivory charm. —Keene, Carolyn.
17 available of 20 items

Nancy Drew determines if an ivory elephant charm really protects its wearer from harm when she investigates the involvement of a member of the Bengleton Wild-Animal Show in a mysterious scheme.

The secret in the old attic —Keene, Carolyn.
18 available of 19 items

Nancy races against time to unravel the clues in a dead man's letters. If she succeeds, Philip March and his little granddaughter can be saved from financial ruin. It takes courage and ingenuity for the alert young det...

The clue of the whistling bagpipes —Keene, Carolyn.
22 available of 24 items

While visiting her great-grandmother in Scotland, Nancy searches for a missing family heirloom and tries to figure out why a flock of sheep disappeared.

Mystery of the glowing eye. —Keene, Carolyn.
17 available of 20 items

A fiery glowing eye in a museum, the abduction of Ned, the code name Cyclops, and a pilotless helicopter draw Nancy and her friends into a dangerous investigation.

Mystery of the tolling bell. —Keene, Carolyn.
23 available of 26 items

Nancy Drew and her two friends help uncover a gang of swindlers while vacationing in a seaside town.

The Greek symbol mystery —Keene, Carolyn.
1 available of 5 items

The clue of the black keys. —Keene, Carolyn.
14 available of 19 items

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