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10 Results
The diamond queen of Singapore —Hamilton, Ian, 1946- author.
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The father of Ava's best friend, Mimi, has lost his family's savings in a Ponzi scheme. Mimi turns to her old friend for help, and Ava launches an investigation that sends her from Amsterdam to Antwerp and then to Singap...

The Imam of Tawi-Tawi —Hamilton, Ian, 1946- author.
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"In the latest novel in the bestselling Ava Lee series, Ava is contracted by a senator in the Philippines to quietly investigate a college on an island province that he suspects is training terrorists. While working with...

The couturier of Milan : the triad years —Hamilton, Ian, 1946- author.
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In the ninth installment of the bestselling and Arthur Ellis Award-winning Ava Lee series, Ava investigates the dark side of the glamorous world of fashion.

The mountain master of Sha Tin —Hamilton, Ian, 1946- author.
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"Ava is in Shanghai with Pang Fai to visit her ailing friend Xu when a triad war breaks out in Hong Kong. Sammy Wing, an old enemy of Ava's who has twice tried to kill her, has enlisted the aid of his nephew Carter - the...

The Scottish banker of Surabaya —Hamilton, Ian, 1946- author.
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Ava begins an investigation into what she thinks is a Ponzi scheme. The trail leads her to a bank in Indonesia that is run by a Scot, but in actuality is a front for an elaborate money-laundering operation for Italian mo...

The water rat of Wanchai —Hamilton, Ian, 1946-
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Winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel In the first electrifying book of the series, Ian Hamilton introduces us to Ava Lee - the smartest, most stylish heroine in crime fiction since Lisbeth Salandar. Ava ...