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Simple farmhouse life : DIY projects for the all-natural, handmade home —Bass, Lisa (Blogger), author.

Transform your home into a simple farmhouse--no matter where you live--with this beautiful guide to slow living. Country girl and popular blogger Lisa Bass shares her favorite hearty recipes, handmade products, and tips...

How Art Works —Hull, Sarah (Usborne children's author), author.

"If you've ever wondered what art is and how it works, open this book to find out ... You'll discover explosive ideas, wild colors, unexpected views and all manner of amazing works of art by world-famous artists." --Page...

Pounce! : a how to speak cat training guide —West, Tracey, 1965- author.

"Guide to training a cat for kids, based on scientific information about felines." -- Provided by publisher.

A duck in a sock : four phonics stories —Rae, Elspeth, 1973- author.

A phonics storybook for children who are learning to read and who have dyslexia or struggle with another language-based learning difficulty. The stories are written at an older child's cognitive level but at an early rea...

Frank and the skunk : four phonics stories —Rae, Elspeth, 1973- author.

"This partially illustrated workbook, meant to be read by an advanced reader with a beginner reader or struggling reader, combines stories and exercises that focus on phonics"-- Provided by publisher.

Dino Dana : dino field guide —Johnson, J. J. (James Anthony), 1980- author.

Did you know that the brachiosaurus was the tallest dinosaur that we know of today? That the kosmoceratops had fifteen horns and hooks on its head? That the spinosaurus is the only known dinosaur to spend most of its tim...

Campfire cooking : wild eats for outdoor adventures —Hoena, B. A.

Provides an introduction to camp cooking, both on a camp stove and over a campfire, including recipes, safety information, and tips and tricks for delicious meals.

What if you had T. rex teeth? : and other dinosaur parts —Markle, Sandra, author.

"From a velociraptor's sharp sickle-tipped toes to a T. rex's giant curved teeth, and from the body armor of an ankylosaurus to the long neck of a brachiosaurus, discover what it would be like if you had one of these wil...

Mindful pregnancy : meditation, yoga, hypnobirthing, natural remedies and nutrition —Donegan, Tracy, author.

Trimester by trimester, this beautiful book gives you safe yoga, meditation, natural remedies, nutrition, and hypnobirthing techniques to match your stage of pregnancy. Encouraging, practical advice from midwife and posi...

Spies, lies, and disguise : the daring tricks and deeds that won World War II —Swanson, Jennifer, author.

"In the late 1930s, times were desperate. The world found itself at war again, hardly more than twenty years after the First World War had ended - and the stakes were never higher. The leaders of every country involved w...

No-waste organic gardening : eco-friendly solutions to improve any garden —Coronado, Shawna, author.

"Covering dozens of ways to recycle and repurpose your way to a successful organic garden, No-Waste Organic Gardening shows you how to be a smart, responsible gardener"-- Provided by publisher.

Mend! : a refashioning manual and manifesto —Sekules, Kate, author.

"A guide to the art, history, and politics of visible mending--at once a practical instruction guide for techniques, a statement on the beauty of repairing and reimagining clothes, and a manifesto against fast fashion. P...

No reading allowed : the worst read-aloud book ever : a confusing collection of hilarious homonyms and sound-alike sentences —Haldar, Raj, author.

You can't believe everything you hear! Did you know that a single word can have many different meanings? Sometimes two words that sound alike can be spelled completely differently! Ptolemy the Pterodactyl is back to show...

Cooking basics : what everyone should know

"Learn how to prepare dozens of recipes with step-by-step instructions for meats, pasta, vegetables, seafood, and more with an experienced CIA and restaurant chef." -- Container.

The human body : get under the skin with science activities for kids —Reilly, Kathleen M., author.

"Learn about the different bodily systems that keep people breathing, moving, thinking, and staying healthy." -- back cover.

Awesome STEM science experiments : more than 50 practical STEM projects for the whole family.

"This dynamic, fun-packed book includes more than 50 exciting experiments for kids to learn and grow their knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and math. Each experiment is accompanied by clear instructions and...

I want to be a veterinarian —Driscoll, Laura, author.

Explains what a veterinarian is and what their responsibilities are, including helping animals who are sick or hurt.

It's all about energy : a beginner's guide to accessing your energetic superpower physically, personally, and professionally —Moffet, Cari, author.

Energy is everywhere and you have the ability to access this superpower to change your life, home, business, and body! Energy expert, Cari Moffet, shares with us her knowledge, tips, and experience of how she used energy...

Crocheted home : 35 beautiful designs for throws, cushions, blankets and more —Eastwood, Kate (Crocheter), author.

Decorate your home with classic and colorful hand-crocheted items. Crochet something cozy, stylish or practical to have in your house all year around or to bring out on special occasions. Patterns range from simple baby ...

Fly with me : a celebration of birds through pictures, poems, and stories —Yolen, Jane, author.

A family of dedicated birders presents an illustrated tribute to birds featuring a combination of scientific facts, folklore, poems, and songs.

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