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Kindness grows —Teckentrup, Britta, author, illustrator.

Angry words can ruin friendships, but a gesture as simple as a smile can cause kindness to bloom and friendships to mend. Die-cut pages feature a sapling that grows into a flowering tree with each turn of the page as kin...

What's your favorite bug? —Carle, Eric, author, artist.

Eric Carle and fourteen other beloved children's book artists illustrate their favorite bugs and explain why they love them.

Little squirrel —Teckentrup, Britta, author, illustrator.

Go on an adventure up in the treetops with a squirrel.

Little owl —Teckentrup, Britta, author, illustrator.

The moon is up and it's time for an adventure with Little Owl!

Moon : a peek-through picture book —Hegarty, Patricia, author.

Die-cut pages show the phases of the moon as it shines on animals all over the world, from sea turtles laying eggs on the beach to frogs in the jungle and mice in the fields.

Little Fox —Teckentrup, Britta, author, illustrator.

"This eco-friendly board book introduces young readers to a little fox who wakes up late in the day to have a nighttime adventure with his forest friends"-- Provided by publisher.

Don't wake up the tiger! —Teckentrup, Britta, author.

Tiger is fast asleep, but oh dear! She's lying completely in the way. Just how will the animals get past without waking her up? Luckily, Frog has an excellent idea and, holding his balloon, he floats right over sleeping ...

Look at the weather —Teckentrup, Britta, author.

"A meditative, immersive take on the weather around us. Sophisticated nonfiction picture book with informational content. Illustrated with striking atmospheric paintings. Includes calls to action for the reader, inviting...

Bugs everywhere —Murray, Lily, author.

There are bugs everywhere! Some of them live in jungles, some of them underwater, and some certainly live in your house. And all of them are fascinating! Britta Teckentrup's work will enthral budding entomologists. This ...

Little Duck —Teckentrup, Britta, author, illustrator.

"This eco-friendly board book introduces young readers to a little duck who goes for a swim with her mama and siblings"-- Provided by publisher.

The memory tree —Teckentrup, Britta, author.

Fox has lived a long and happy life in the forest. One day, he lies down in his favourite clearing, takes a deep breath and falls asleep for ever. Before long, Fox's friends begin to gather in the clearing. One by one, t...

Neon Leon —Clarke, Jane, 1954- author.

Everyone knows that chameleons are the best at fitting inches But not Leon. Leon is neon! In fact, he's SO bright that he keeps all the other chameleons awake at night. But poor Leon is lonely, so he goes off in search o...

Leap frog —Clarke, Jane, 1954- author.

Felix is lost. The jungle can be a scary place for a tiny tree frog, and all the strange noises are making him just a little bit jumpy ... It's time to find Felix a safe place to sleep ... and might there be someone spec...

The seedling that didn't want to grow —Teckentrup, Britta, author, illustrator.

"It's early spring and below the earth's surface seeds are just starting to sprout. One by one they stretch through the dirt and towards the sun, extending their shoots and leaves and growing tall. All except for one see...

Birds and their feathers —Teckentrup, Britta, author, illustrator.

"The feather -- at once fragile and strong, versatile and beautiful -- is one of nature's most ingenious constructions. With charming illustrations by Britta Teckentrup and a wealth of fascinating facts, this book tells ...

Firefly home —Clarke, Jane, 1954- author.

There's no place like home. But poor Florence Firefly is lost, and there are so many bright lights shining in the night sky that she doesn't know which way to go. She'll need some help to find her way back home. In this ...

Before I wake up ... —Teckentrup, Britta, author.

A young girl falls asleep and travels in her dreams through the sky, down to the oceans depths, and into a jungle. She is accompanied by a lion friend, who eases her fears, gives her confidence, and helps her explore the...

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