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Peppa Pig. Super Peppa! —Holowaty, Lauren.

"Peppa is always super but in this glitter-y storybook she learns to be a superhero! Based on the hit show on Nick Jr.! Peppa loves her favorite superhero, Super Potato! But can she be super, just like him? Mummy Pig thi...

Peppa's magical unicorn —Holloway, Lauren, author.

"When Suzy comes over to Peppa's house to play, they have a lot of fun with Peppa's new toy horse, Horsey Twinkle Toes. But what they really want to play with is a wonderful, magical, colorful UNICORN! Can Daddy Pig make...

Happy Hanukkah! —Spinner, Cala, author.

Peppa and George eat latkes, play dreidel, and light the candles to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Peppa Pig : George's Racecar —Spinner, Cala.

Vroom! George rides in a racecar in this amazing storybook with a sheet of stickers. Based on the hit show airing on Nick Jr.Peppa and George are inside watching television on a sunny day when Granny Pig sends them outsi...

Allura's story —Spinner, Cala.

Get to know Allura in her own words--from her days growing up on the Planet Altea as a princess to her life as a member of Team Voltron. What is it like to wake up after ten thousand years asleep, to an entirely differen...

There you are, Olivia! —Spinner, Cala, author.

Invites the reader to play hide and seek with Olivia.

Lance's story —Spinner, Cala.

Get to know Lance, in his own words--from his days growing up in Cuba, to his time as a pilot at Galaxy Garrison, to his adventures as a Paladin. How did Lance get to be known as "the Tailor" and what does it have to do ...

Ricky's new badge —Spinner, Cala, adapter.

It's an exciting day in Wheelford. Ricky and the Bike Buddies have a chance to earn special gold rescue badges! But what happens when Ricky takes the lead? Maybe he needs a team after all!

Drac's in love! —Spinner, Cala.

Mavis books a monster cruise for the family to cheer up her dad. But she gets more than she bargained for when Drac falls in love with the ship's captain, Ericka. Is there a love connection brewing on the high seas? Mavi...

Peppa's Chinese New Year —Archer, Mandy, author.

Peppa and her friends celebrate Chinese New Year by making cards, dressing in red, and performing a dragon dance.

Hunk's story —Spinner, Cala.

This story gives readers a closer look into the life of Hunk. Back on Earth, Hunk was a cadet at the Galaxy Garrison, but he had awful motion sickness that got in the way of flight training. After he helped find the Blue...

Shiro's story —Spinner, Cala.

Get to know Shiro--the Black Lion's Paladin--from his days as a pilot at Galaxy Garrison on Earth, to his capture by the Galra empire, and more.

Trolley ride! —Spinner, Cala.

Take a ride on Trolley with Daniel Tiger.

Batman's top secret tools : a guide to the gadgets —Spinner, Cala.

"Gotham City is overrun by villains of all shapes and sizes. Its up to Batman and his allies to stop them, but they cant do it without the help of some high-tech gear! Head into the Batcave to get a glimpse at all of the...

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