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Owly. 1, The way home —Runton, Andy, author, artist.
Graphic Novel
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Follows the adventures of Owly, an owl who wishes to make friends with the other animals in the forest.

Owly. Volume 2, Just a little blue —Runton, Andy, author, illustrator.
Graphic Novel
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Best friends Owly and Wormy have days filled with adventure and hearts filled with kindness. And when they discover a bluebird family living in a damaged tree, they want to help out the best way they can: by building the...

Owly & Wormy. Bright lights and starry nights! —Runton, Andy, author, illustrator.

On a slightly scary camping trip to study stars in the night sky, Owly and Wormy make new friends.

Owly. 3, Flying lessons —Runton, Andy.
Graphic Novel
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Owly and Wormy love making new friends, and when they spot an unfamiliar animal flying through the trees, they can't wait to meet her! Unfortunately, Shadow the flying squirrel doesn't want to be friends with Owly becaus...

Owly. [Volume 3], Flying lessons —Runton, Andy.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 6 of 9

Owly overcomes his fear of flying with the help of Wormy and a flying squirrel--who overcomes his fear of owls.

Friends all aflutter! —Runton, Andy.

Good friends Owly and Wormy are disappointed when their new plant attracts fat, green, bug-like things, instead of butterflies, until a metamorphosis occurs.