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Stars and constellations —Prinja, Raman K., 1961-

What are constellations? How far away are the stars? Do stars ever stop shining? Find the answers in Stars and Constellations. You will also learn about stars you can't see and will understand what happens when a star's ...

Amazing space : go on a journey to the edge of the universe —Prinja, Raman, 1961- author.

This stunning book takes you on a beautifully illustrated journey into space, from the Earth's surface to the edge of the universe. Once you have completed your journey to the outer limits of the universe, make your retu...

The moon —Prinja, Raman, 1961-

Discusses physical features and composition of the Moon, how it moves, lunar eclipses, how it was formed, space missions, and the possibility of humans living there.

Awesome astronomy —Prinja, Raman, 1961-

"An overview of astronomy for kids covering topics such as the solar system, Earth's moon, moon phases, constellations, other solar systems, and more"--Provided by publisher.

The sun —Prinja, Raman, 1961-

Find out all of the answers to questions you have about the sun!

Fizzing physics —Prinja, Raman, 1961-

This exciting new series will satisfy the most enquiring young scientific minds! With a back-to-basics approach to the core topics, these books investigate science in a clear and concise way. Simple practical activities ...

To the edge of the universe : a 14-foot fold-out journey —Prinja, Raman, 1961- author.

A journey through space told in a series of accordion-folded pages presents facts about astronomy and the universe.