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Last song sung —Poulsen, David A., 1946- author.

"On February 28, 1965, a young singer named Ellie Foster steps into the alley behind The Depression, a Calgary folk club where she shares the bill with Joni Anderson, who would later become famous as Joni Mitchell. Durin...

Last Sam's cage —Poulsen, David A., 1946-

Fifteen-year-old young offender Eddie Slater runs away from an abusive stepfather and lives in the Calgary Zoo. At the zoo he meets Jack, a middle-aged man who watches the children in the playground every day. When Eddie...

The vampire's visit —Poulsen, David A., 1946-

While on a visit to England, Christine's little brother disappears. Christine and Pepper must find out what a mysterious teenage vampire, who want the girls to spy on their host, has to do with it.

Wild thing —Poulsen, David A., 1946-

W.T. Zahara doesn't feel like he fits in at Lawrence High because it's the city's sports school, and he doesn't look or act like a jock. But when trouble comes to Lawrence, the other students will learn why Zahara's nick...

None so deadly —Poulsen, David A., 1946- author.

"It's the case that has haunted Cullen and Cobb - the twenty-five-year-old cold case murder of eleven-year-old Faith Unruh. And now the brutal killing of a police investigator who was similarly obsessed with the little g...

The hunk machine —Poulsen, David A., 1946-

When Pepper goes missing and returns behaving strangely, Christine recruits her brother and his friends to find out what the Hollywood studio, that is filming a western movie in town, is really up to.

Blind date —Poulsen, David A., 1946-

When Curt is set up on a blind date with a blind girl named Judy, he finds it doesn't bother him at all. But after he sees her chatting up some nasty-looking guys, he discovers his new girlfriend has some secrets that le...

No time like the past —Poulsen, David A., 1946-

After winning first prize in an essay contest, the girls, along with Chris's annoying 11-year-old brother, Hal, take a trip to New Mexico where they take part in a real archeological dig near an ancient Anasazi cliff dwe...

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