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The newest princess —Mews, Melody, author.

Itty is excited to learn that she will soon be a princess, until she begins to worry about all the changes her new role brings.

The puppy prince —Mews, Melody, author.

The royal family of Wagmire is visiting Lollyland, and Itty is excited to meet Prince Pip for the first time. So why doesn't Prince Pip seem very excited to meet her? Itty tries to show him all the fun things to do in Lo...

The royal ball —Mews, Melody, author.

Newly-crowned Itty Bitty Princess Kitty is delighted that there is to be a royal ball in her honor, until she learns that she must perform, then teach, a dance.

The copycat —Mews, Melody, author.

Princess Itty likes her new classmate Tessa Tiger, but becomes frustrated and confused as Tessa begins to copy everything Itty says and does.

The un-fairy —Mews, Melody, author.

Itty Bitty Princess Kitty helps her new friend, Bree, to find her true fairy calling.

The cloud race —Mews, Melody, author.

When Itty Bitty Princess Kitty overhears a fox say he might break the rules in the upcoming cloud race, she must decide whether to wait to see what happens or keep the cloud race fair and square.

Welcome to Wagmire —Mews, Melody, author.

Given a royal welcome by the kingdom of Wagmire, Itty accompanies puppy host Prince Pip on a tour of his favorite venues, including beautiful Magic Mountain Lake, where Itty wanders off by herself and becomes completely ...

Star showers —Mews, Melody, author.

Attending a star shower with her fellow Lollyland animals to make a wish on a star that is certain to come true, Itty Bitty Princess Kitty is challenged to save the day when a gust of wind mixes up everyone's wishes.

Tea for two —Mews, Melody, author.

Excited over meeting some pegasuses, Itty does not immediately notice that her best friend Luna Unicorn feels left out.