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The burning bed

Francine Hughes marries her small-town high-school sweetheart Mickey only to discover his temper is short and his behavior violent. Urged to hang in there by her family and a broken social welfare system, she suffers con...

Dancing with manatees —McNulty, Faith.

Examines the physical characteristics, behavior, and evolution of this gentle creature.

A snake in the house —McNulty, Faith.

An escaped snake finds many clever places to hide throughout a house, while the boy who brought him home continues to search for him.

The elephant who couldn't forget —McNulty, Faith.

Young elephant learns that he must remember what to forget.

If dogs ruled the world —McNulty, Faith.

In a world where dogs ruled, people would be well treated as pets.

If Dogs Ruled the World. —McNulty, Faith.

What would happen if dogs ruled the world?

The lady and the spider —McNulty, Faith.

A spider who lives in a head of lettuce is saved when the lady who finds her puts her back into the garden.

With love from Koko —McNulty, Faith.

The author records her visit with Koko, a young gorilla in California who uses sign language and who experiences many of the same feelings a child feels.

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