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Perfect touch —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944- author.

"An art dealer and owner of her own design studio, Perfect Touch, Sara has worked too hard getting out of the country she once called home to want to return for more than a brief visit--even for someone as enticing as he...

Innocent as sin —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

Kayla Shaw, a private banker in Arizona, finds herself falsely accused of laundering millions of dollars. When an international criminal targets Kayla for assassination, only a stranger named Rand McCree--whose own broth...

The color of death —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

Katherine Jessica Chandler, an up-and-coming jewel cutter has been commissioned to cut the Seven Sins--seven extraordinarily rare sapphires worth millions--a job that will make her professional reputation. Kate asks her ...

Death echo —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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Former CIA agent Emma Cross and former special ops team leader MacKenzie Durand fight their growing attraction to each other as they race to locate the missing yacht "Blackbird" and its cache of lethal cargo. They've got...

Blue smoke and murder —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

Jill Breck, who works as a river guide, is drawn into a dangerous situation when a mysterious fire kills her great aunt and many valuable family paintings are coveted by ruthless art collectors. When Zach Balfour agrees ...

Tell me no lies —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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Lindsay Danner. Her worldwide reputation as an expert in ancient treasures and her knowledge of the international art market make her the perfect pawn in a deadly game. But she needs protection. Jacob MacArthur Catlin. A...

This time love —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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Joy had been innocent, trusting and in love with Gabriel. Fate brought them together. Gabe was a journalist on assignment and Joy had been his guide. They explored Lost River Cave and a passion for each other. But that w...

Night diver —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944- author.
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Former British military diver Holden Cameron must investigate the suspicious activity surrounding a Donnelly dive to recover treasure from the ancient wreck of a pirate ship located near St. Vincent. When equipment, trea...

Always time to die —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

Carly is hired to research the family history of a candidate running for Senator of New Mexico, and learns that the evil she uncovers threatens her own life.

The color of death —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-
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When Kate Chandler is given the opportunity to cut seven rare, priceless sapphires and solidify her reputation as a world-class jewel cutter, she never imagines things could go so horribly wrong. The sapphires vanish alo...

The wrong hostage —Lowell, Elizabeth, 1944-

Joe Faroe, a retired kidnap specialist for a non-governmental security firm, is brought back into his former line of work by a woman judge from his past when her son is kidnapped.

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