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Volcanic panic —Larry, H. I.

"When Zac's latest mission briefing sends him to a secret volcanic island in the middle of the ocean, he knows that something isn't quite rightthen Zac discovers a secret that GIB has been trying to uncover for years."--...

Frozen fear —Larry, H. I.

Zak is sent to investigate suspicious activity in the area of the Great Icy Pole. It's a freezing, scary place and if Zac misses his helicopter ride back he'll be stuck there all winter.

Thrill ride —Larry, H. I.

At the world's scariest theme park, Zac uncovers a plot that's even more evil than the roller-coaster. Can he brave the rides and find out what's really going on at Shark Park?

Blockbuster —Larry, H. I

"A trip to Hollywood, fast cars and fancy hotels -- just what a top spy deserves! But Zac soon realizes that BIG have plotted to brainwash the worlds best spies. Only he can save them..." --Back cover.

Zac's sticky fix —Larry, H. I

Zac has two new gadgets to test drive. Will they work, even deep under water? -- Publisher details.

Night raid —Larry, H. I.

Gold is going missing from the world's most secure bank vault and the evil spy agency, Big, is the prime suspect. Can Zac find a way to get the gold back before it is used to fund more of Big's crimes?

Sudden drop —Larry, H. I.

Zac Power must brave the harsh outback and get past some of BIG's deadliest defense systems yet when he embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue a secret water supply.

Zac's biggest ever hits!. Volume 3 —Larry, H. I., author.

Zac Power is a boy spy who has twenty-four hours to save the world and do his homework. A haunted house, sabotage in space, vanishing tombs and undead dinosaurs - Zac's biggest ever adventures are action-packed. But can ...

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