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The paper boat : a refugee story —Lam, Thao, author, illustrator.

"Thao Lam's family came to Canada as refugees during the Vietnam War. When Thao started thinking about how to tell this story, she couldn't stop thinking about ants: small, seemingly insignificant creatures who are able ...

Thao —Lam, Thao, author, illustrator.

""Thao" seems like a simple enough name. Only four letters-all of them belonging to many other names! And yet Thao had been called everything from "Tail" to "Theo" to "Towel." At one point, completely fed up, she decided...

My cat looks like my dad —Lam, Thao, author, illustrator.

"A narrator describes all the ways in which her cat and father are--or are not--alike. They both love milk (we see them with milk mustaches) and sardines (ew!). They both start their mornings with stretches (yoga routine...