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Angelina Ballerina and the art fair —Holabird, Katharine, creator.

Angelina Ballerina and her cousin Henry are so excited to participate in the Chipping Cheddar Art Fair! But when Henry makes a major painting mistake, can Angelina help turn his mistake into a work of art?

Cupcake day! —Holabird, Katharine, creator.

Angelina Ballerina is participating in a Chipping Cheddar baking competition! Will her Berry Ballerina Cupcakes take the cake, or will her recipe fall flat?

Angelina Ballerina loves the library —Holabird, Katharine, creator.

"Angelina is excited to get a library card from the Chipping Cheddar Library. There are so many books she wants to read. Then she finds out she can only check out five books at a time! What will Angelina do? She will fin...

Practice makes perfect —Holabird, Katharine, creator, author.

"Angelina and her cousin Henry are paired to dance together at Chipping Cheddar's Summer Festival. At first their dance is a mess, but after a lot of practice and patience, they learn to make their dance perfect (or clos...