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The pumpkin book —Gibbons, Gail.

Describes how pumpkins come in different shapes and sizes, how they grow, and their traditional uses and cultural significance. Includes instructions for carving a pumpkin and drying the seeds.

Apples —Gibbons, Gail, author.

Apples come in all shapes and sizes from all over the world. Take a bite and chew on months of planting, growing, picking, and selling that bring this tasty fruit into the home.

Migration —Gibbons, Gail, author.

In this book, "Gail Gibbons explores the many reasons why animals migrate, using direct sentences, maps, infographics, and illustrations." -- Provided by publisher.

Planes —Gibbons, Gail.

There are many different kinds of planes.

Tool book —Gibbons, Gail, author.

Depicts a number of different tools used in building and the kinds of work they are used for.

The seasons of Arnold's apple tree —Gibbons, Gail, author.

As the seasons pass, Arnold enjoys a variety of activities as a result of his apple tree. Includes a recipe for apple pie and a description of how an apple cider press works.

Trucks —Gibbons, Gail, author, artist.

Trucks dig holes, trucks push heavy loads, trucks haul, pull, lift, and dig. 60 trucks, and what they do, are shown in this colorful board book.

Apples —Gibbons, Gail.

Explains how apples were brought to America, how they grow, their traditional uses and cultural significance, and some of the varieties grown.

Farming —Gibbons, Gail.

An introduction, in simple text and illustrations, to farming and the work done on a farm throughout the seasons.

Pumpkins —Gibbons, Gail, author, illustrator.

Describes how pumpkins come in different shapes and sizes, how they grow, and their traditional uses and cultural significance.

Horses! —Gibbons, Gail.

Presents information on horses, including their physical characteristics, behavior, and how to ride a horse.

Owls —Gibbons, Gail.

Owls are known for their haunting calls; yet when they are hunting, they can swoop down and snatch prey without making a sound. There are about 140 different kinds of owls, and they live on every continent except Antarct...

The vegetables we eat —Gibbons, Gail.

Illustrations and simple text describe the various vegetables people eat.

The fruits we eat —Gibbons, Gail, author.

"Berries, apples, melons, and grapes; oranges, grapefruits, bananas?yum! This scrumptious picture book, a companion to The Vegetables We Eat, offers youngsters an inviting, information-packed cornucopia of favorite fruit...

How a house is built —Gibbons, Gail, author.

Describes how the surveyor, heavy machinery operators, carpenter crew, plumbers, and other workers build a house.

Thanksgiving is-- —Gibbons, Gail.

An introduction to the history and customs of Thanksgiving.

From seed to plant —Gibbons, Gail, author

Explores the intricate relationship between seeds and the plants which they produce.

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