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I got a chicken for my birthday —Gehl, Laura, author.

A girl is disappointed when she receives a chicken as a birthday gift from her abuela, until she realizes the chicken is planning a bigger present for her special day.

The Ninja Club sleepover —Gehl, Laura, author.

Willa's friends don't know she's a werewolf-until Val has a sleepover on the night of a full moon! Will her friends accept her, fur and all?

One big pair of underwear —Gehl, Laura, author.

Progressively larger groups of animals try to share a limited number of scooters, cookbooks, nap mats, and underwear.

I'm not using the potty —Gehl, Laura, author.

"Egg is scared to use the potty, until Peep convinces her to do so"-- Provided by publisher.

My pillow keeps moving! —Gehl, Laura, author.

"A clever pup ends up in a cozy home, and she'll do anything to stay there. She impersonates everything the lonely homeowner needs--a pillow, a footstool, a jacket. But in the end, being herself works best"-- Provided by...

Except when they don't —Gehl, Laura, author.

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text challenge the idea that boys and girls should each wear only certain colors or play with certain toys, and encourages them to be true to themselves.

Peep and Egg : I'm not hatching —Gehl, Laura, author.

"Peep can't wait for Egg to hatch. They will have so much fun together! But Egg isn't quite ready ... yet"-- Provided by publisher.

Brilliant baby does math —Gehl, Laura, author.

"Your Brilliant Baby will love exploring all the applications of math and where they can find it in their daily lives, like learning what's hotter or colder, checking the score of the game, and seeing math in skyscrapers...

Delivery bear —Gehl, Laura, author.

After Zogby the bear pretends to be a cute bunny in order to get his dream job of delivering cookies, he learns he can do better by being himself.

I'm not taking a bath —Gehl, Laura, author.

"Egg doesn't want to take a bath, until Peep convinces her to."-- Provided by publisher.

Juniper Kai : super spy —Gehl, Laura, author.

Juniper Kai was born to be a spy. And while spies sometimes work alone, Juniper has always been able to count on her mom and dad to fill in as spy partners. Until now. Suddenly, Juniper's parents are too busy and too tir...

Brilliant baby plays music —Gehl, Laura, author.

"Your Brilliant Baby will love learning about all the different types of music they can groove, dance, and boogie along to, as well as being introduced to instruments such as cellos, pianos, trumpets, saxophones, and mor...

Baseball baby —Gehl, Laura, author.

In this adorable book, perfect for all baseball fans, baby goes to his first baseball game! From singing along with the crowd in the stadium to eating sweet baseball treats to watching the players hit the ball, baby just...

Happy Llamakkah! —Gehl, Laura, author.

"Happy Llamakkah! Follow along with the Llama family's Hanukkah traditions as they light their menorah, spin the dreidel, fry latkes, and more. Laura Gehl's lightly poetic text and Lydia Nichols's vibrant illustrations m...

Dibs! —Gehl, Laura, author.

When baby Clancy's first word is "dibs," his older brother, Julian, is not pleased, especially as Clancy claims their parents' bed, the White House, and even a rocket ship.

Peep and Egg : I'm not trick or treating —Gehl, Laura, author.

"Egg is too scared to go trick or treating, until Peep finds a way to help her overcome her fears"-- Provided by publisher.

May saves the day —Gehl, Laura, author.

As May rescues schoolchildren from bees by making them beets, and scouts from a bear by making it a beard, lasso-wielding Stu asks to be her sidekick but businesswomen do not need sidekicks, do they?

Goat wants to eat —Gehl, Laura, author.

"Cat wants to nap, and Goat wants to eat... what could go wrong?"-- Provided by publisher.

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