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Baby animals eating —Eszterhas, Suzi, author, photographer.

"Brought to you by award-winning photographer Suzi Eszterhas, Baby Animals Eating is not your average baby animal book! Suzi's adorable photographs are paired with rich animal content. This will be an essential series fo...

Panda opposites —Eszterhas, Suzi.

Pandas are black and white, but that's only the beginning of this adorable book of opposites! Whether climbing up a tree or resting down in the grass, awake or asleep, near or far, with mouths open or closed, and with th...

Baby animals with their families —Eszterhas, Suzi, author, photographer.

"Baby Animals with Their Families captures the intimate lives of baby animals and their families as they exhibit skills that will help them to survive on their own in the wild. Through simple, playful text, children will...

My wild life : adventures of a wildlife photographer —Eszterhas, Suzi, author, photographer.

"Suzi Eszterhas knew that she wanted to be a wildlife photographer from the time she was a small child. She got her first camera when she was six and proceeded to take pictures of her cats in her backyard, pretending tha...

Baby animals moving —Eszterhas, Suzi, author, photographer.

"Around the world, baby animals move in different ways. Whether it's egret chicks practicing flapping their wings or zebra calves learning to run just a few hours after they're born, baby animals on the go are not only a...

Baby animals playing —Eszterhas, Suzi, author, photographer.

"The first in a new series, this book showcases ten species from three continents, each engaged in different forms of play. Stunning, intimate, full-colour photographs by Suzi Eszterhas are each paired with a short sente...

Gorilla —Eszterhas, Suzi.

Follow the life of a baby gorilla, born in the mountains of Africa, from birth to her sixth birthday, when she is grown up.

Tiger —Eszterhas, Suzi, author, illustrator.

Text and close-up photos follow three young tiger cubs as they grow from birth to adulthood in the forests of India.

Orangutan —Eszterhas, Suzi.

High in the trees of the rainforest in Sumatra, a baby orangutan is born. Follow her from birth to adulthood, as she learns to look after herself. See her eating her first solid food, mashed fruit, learning to climb, and...

Moto and me : my year as a wildcat's foster mom —Eszterhas, Suzi, author, photographer.

"Moto and Me tells the remarkable firsthand story of wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas's care for an orphaned baby serval--a small, spotted wildcat--in Kenya. When a grass fire separates the serval from his family, a ...

Sea otter —Eszterhas, Suzi.

Follows the first year in the life of a sea otter, as it swims, dives, grows larger in size, and learns to take care of itself.