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A child's introduction to the environment : the air, earth, and sea around us--plus experiments, projects, and activities you can do to help our planet! —Driscoll, Michael, 1973- author.

Discusses a variety of environmental sciences topics, including global warming, food chains, and desertification, along with a collection of experiments and conservation activities.

A child's introduction to the night sky : the story of the stars, planets, and constellations-- and how you can find them in the sky —Driscoll, Michael, 1973- author.

Provides an introduction to astronomy, discussing how planets get their names, the best time to spot a "shooting star," and why the moon changes shape.

A child's introduction to poetry : listen while you learn about the magic words that have moved mountains, won battles, and made us laugh and cry —Driscoll, Michael, 1973- author.

Poetry can be fun -- especially when we can read it, hear it, and discover its many delights. A Child's Introduction to Poetry joyously introduces kids (and parents) to the greatest poets in history -- from Homer and Sha...

3,650 jokes, puns and riddles —Kostick, Anne.

A bumper compilation that goes way beyond the common knock-knock joke to make readers of all ages chuckle, snicker, groan and laugh out loud through good, clean humour.

3650 jokes, puns & riddles —Kostick, Anne.

This classic collection of jokes, puns, and riddles features the outrageous and the inane, the silly and the side-splitting, and will have you, your family, and friends laughing, moaning, guffawing, and rolling in uncont...