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Wilful blindness : how a network of narcos, tycoons and CCP agents infiltrated the West —Cooper, Sam, author.

In 1982 three of the most powerful men in Asia met in Hong Kong. That day they would decide how Hong Kong would be handed over to the CCP and how Chinese business tycoons Henry Fok and Li Ka-Shing would help Deng Xiaopin...

Gasp of the ghoulish guinea pig —Hay, Sam, author.

"Joe's latest visitor needs help fast--to save his litter mates from the ghoulish grave! Flash, a guinea pig, needs Joe to guard his family from an escaped snake! Will the Protector of Undead Pets prevail, or will Flash ...

Flight of the pummeled parakeet —Hay, Sam, author.

Joe, the protector of undead pets, needs to help Petey the parakeet fly to his final destination.

Hour of the doomed dog —Hay, Sam, author.

Moments before Frankfurter's life was cut short by a revolving door, the dachshund overheard a devious plot to rob his owner's hotel, and now the Protector of Undead Pets wants to help.