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4 Results
Ten ways to hear snow —Camper, Cathy, author.
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Walking to her grandmother's home to help make warak enab, Lina discovers many ways to hear snow, from the scrape of a shovel on a sidewalk to the quiet pats of snowman-building.

Lowriders. Book 1, Lowriders in space —Camper, Cathy, author.
Graphic Novel
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Lupe, Flapjack, Elirio customize their car into a low rider for the Universal Car Competition to win the cash prize that will enable them to buy their own garage.

Lowriders. Book 2, Lowriders to the center of the Earth —Camper, Cathy, author.
Graphic Novel
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Lupe Impala, Elirio Malaria, and El Chavo Octopus are now the proud owners of their own garage--but when a series of earthquakes hit their town and Genie, their beloved cat, disappears they find themselves traveling to t...

Lowriders. Blast from the past —Camper, Cathy, author.
Graphic Novel
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In this graphic novel prequel to the Lowriders books, Elirio is painting murals based on indigenous words, and a gang of bullies are harassing him--until he meets Lupe and Flapjack, and together they form their club.