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Amy the puppy whisperer —Barkley, Callie, author.

When Amy meets the owner of a brand-new puppy at her mom's vet clinic, she agrees to help the woman train her new pet. Amy does such a great job, she starts getting calls from more puppy owners! Things go great for a whi...

Amy and the missing puppy —Barkley, Callie, author.

During Spring Break, mystery lover Amy looks for clues to the disappearance of wealthy Mrs. Sullivan's Saint Bernard puppy.

Amy on park patrol —Barkley, Callie, author.

"In this seventeenth Critter Club adventure, Amy must come up with a plan to save a park and all the animals living there"-- Provided by publisher.

Marion and the girls' getaway —Barkley, Callie, author.

Marion has planned the ultimate girls' getaway. There will be skiing, a trip to the spa, and of course, hot chocolate! What Marion didn't plan was a snow bunny sighting! As members of the Critter Club, she and her friend...

Liz and the nosy neighbor —Barkley, Callie, author.

"When a boy Liz's age moves in next door, Liz hopes they might become friends. But right away Liz can tell the boy has no interest in being friendly. So why does he keep showing up everywhere she is? Plus, Liz has a big ...

All about Ellie —Barkley, Callie, author.

When she wins the lead role in the school play, second grader Ellie neglects her friends in the Critter Club and their new animal shelter.

Ellie and the good-luck pig —Barkley, Callie, author.

After winning the lead role in a play, acing a spelling test, and finding money, second-grader Ellie wonders if the Critter Club animal shelter's newest animal--a little pink pig--is bringing her good luck.

Liz learns a lesson —Barkley, Callie, author.

Members of the Critter Club are all excited about their summer plans until Liz learns that, instead of taking an art class, she will have to be in summer school to improve her math skills, but a fun teacher, a classroom ...

Ellie steps up to the plate —Barkley, Callie, author.

When Ellie joins a softball team, she quickly realizes that the sport is harder than it looks! Is she meant only for the stage, not the field? And what happens when Ellie goes searching in the woods near the field for a ...

Ellie the flower girl —Barkley, Callie, author.

"Ellie has always wanted to go to wedding, and her hopes finally come true when her cousin asks her to be a flower girl at her wedding. Then the Critter Club gets the cutest guest Ellie has ever seen: a little French bul...

Liz's night at the museum —Barkley, Callie, author.

Liz is excited for her sleepover at the museum until she hears some spooky noises that may turn this sleepover into a nightmare.

Marion takes charge —Barkley, Callie, author.

When Marion finally gets the chance to babysit her little sister, she finds that the task is harder than she expected, especially when she gets called to the Critter Club to help with a stray cat and must bring Gabby alo...

Marion takes a break —Barkley, Callie, author.

When a broken ankle forces Marion to withdraw from the horse show, she finds a way to stay active by helping her friends at the Critter Club animal shelter find homes for a litter of kittens.

Ellie tames the tiger —Barkley, Callie, author.

Ellie is paired up with a classmate, Paul, on a special dance number for the school play. But right from the start, Paul gives her the cold shoulder! Will Ellie and Paul be able to patch things up in time to take the sta...

Marion and the secret letter —Barkley, Callie, author.

It's Marion's turn to take care of Teddy, the class pet hamster! As a member of The Critter Club, Marion is used to being around animals, but she's excited to bring one home. The problem is, after one night in her house,...

Amy is a little bit chicken —Barkley, Callie, author.

"Amy has never liked being in the spotlight. When all her friends decide to form a team for the Santa Vista Quiz Bowl, Amy's not so sure. She knows she can answer the quiz questions ... but can she do it in front of hund...

Amy's very merry Christmas —Barkley, Callie, author.

As Christmas nears, Amy and her friends in the Critter Club try to find a home for two adorable guinea pigs.

Liz and the sand castle contest —Barkley, Callie, author.

As her friends in the Critter Club animal shelter care for colorful aquarium fish, second-grader Liz and her family spend a long weekend at the beach, where Liz rescues a baby octopus and competes with an unfriendly youn...

Liz at Marigold Lake —Barkley, Callie, author.

Liz is excited that her three best friends are visiting her family's cabin at Marigold Lake, but something seems to go wrong with every activity she planned.