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Jules Verne's 20,000 leagues under the sea a graphic novel —Verne, Jules, 1828-1905, author.
Graphic Novel
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"In this graphic novel version, scientist Pierre Aronnax and his trusty servant set sail to hunt a sea monster, but instead discover a high-tech submarine under the command of the mysterious Captain Nemo."--Publisher.

Journey to the center of the Earth ; Twenty thousand leagues under the sea ; Round the world in eighty days —Verne, Jules, 1828-1905, author.

CLASSIC FICTION. In "Journey to the Centre of the Earth", an obsessive German professor and his nephew travel towards the earth's core in the steps of a medieval explorer beneath an Icelandic volcano where they discover ...

Nemo —Brüno, 1975-
Graphic Novel
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A graphic novel re-telling of the classic "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea," Nemo offers an uncompromising look at life under the sea, where men are free of society and beasts roam the deep. Brüno delivers a nuanced adapta...

Extraordinary voyages Around the world in eighty days, Journey to the center of the earth, Twenty thousand leagues under the seas —Verne, Jules, 1828-1905.

In the nineteenth century, French author Jules Verne awed readers with astounding adventures that transported them to the ends of the Earth, plunged them into the ocean's depths, and dropped them into mysterious subterra...

20,000 leagues under the sea —Hutchinson, Emily.

An adaptation of the nineteenth-century science fiction tale in which a French professor and his companions, trapped aboard a fantastic submarine with a mad sea captain, come face to face with exotic ocean creatures and ...

20,000 leagues under the sea —Church, Lisa R., 1960-

The abridged adventures of a French professor and his two companions as they sail above and below the world's oceans as prisoners on the fabulous electric submarine of the deranged Captain Nemo.

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea / Level 4 —Nightingale, Jacqueline.

This adaptation of the original story is presented in the format of a novel study, complete with exercises and vocabulary lists, and is geared to the language arts classes of grades 4 and 5.