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When a young nurse downloads an app that alleges to foresee a person's time of death, it claims she has three days to stay alive. With time running out, and an eerie figure haunting her, she must find a way to survive.

The middle. Season 9
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By the ninth and final season, Frankie and Mike Heck had hoped to find themselves with an emptier nest, allowing them to cut back on their parental duties. But with Axl now back at home with Brick, they find that hope qu...

The middle. Season 8
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In the hit show's eighth season, the Heck kids continue to smash through their comfort zones and navigate new situations, which may or may not be comforting to parents Frankie and Mike. Axl may be living out of a Winneba...

The middle. The complete fifth season
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As middle-aged, working-class, middle-of-the-country mom Frankie Heck tackles the mundane chaos of everyday life her kids manufacture drama, and her husband offers his support while sitting on the living room couch.

The middle. Season 7
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The seventh season sees each member of the Heck family breaking out of their comfort zones. Oldest son Axl begins his junior year, and the business major starts thinking seriously about his future. Daughter Sue starts he...