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The scoop on ice cream —Williams, Bonnie.

"Chill out with the fascinating history behind ice cream, the first in a fact-tastic Level 3 Ready-to-Read nonfiction series about the history of fun stuff! Did you know that immigrants to Ellis Island were served ice c...

The great escape —Dixon, Franklin W., author.

When television wildlife celebrities Jumpin' Jack and his son bring their menagerie to Bayport Elementary, Frank and Joe are on the case for a boa constrictor that goes missing.

A rockin' mystery —Dixon, Franklin W.

Looking forward to seeing their favorite band at Bayport's Battle of the Bands, Frank and Joe Hardy are on the case when a bass guitar belonging to one of the band members goes missing, a situation that compromises the g...

The great American story of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts gang! —Perkins, Chloe, author.

"Now beginning readers can learn all about Charles M. Schulz's iconic comic strips, beloved characters, and the cartoons and movies in this nonfiction Level 3 Ready-to-Read about the history of the Peanuts Gang! Did you ...

Hopping mad —Dixon, Franklin W.

Young Frank and Joe Hardy enlist the help of their friends to solve a mysterious case involving a large number of frogs.

The missing mitt —Dixon, Franklin W.

Right before the final game of the Little League season, the Bayport Bandits's lucky charm--Jason's mitt--goes missing! The team is devastated. Can Frank and Joe solve the case of the missing mitt before the Bandits lose...

Unmasking the science of superpowers! —Brown, Jordan.

"Did you know that advancements in robotics could soon make super-powered suits a reality? Or that some people have a rare gene that gives them superstrong bones? Hold onto your cape, you're about to become an expert on ...

Medieval upheaval —Dixon, Franklin W.

"A medieval faire brings the past to life--and a mystery to the present--in this Hardy Brothers Secret Files adventure" -- provided by publisher.

Lights, camera...zombies! —Dixon, Franklin W.

When a film crew sets up shop to film the latest zombie flick, Frank, Joe, and their friends are really psyched that there will be fake zombies running around, until someone claims they saw a real zombie.

The great coaster caper —Dixon, Franklin W.

Frank and Joe are excited to learn that Thrill Kingdom, their local amusement park, is having a contest for kids to design a brand-new ride. And they're even more excited that their friend Phil is entering. But on the da...

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