Conflict management for libraries : strategies for a positive, productive workplace
—Montgomery, Jack G.
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Conflict management.
Library personnel management.
Other Authors:
Cook, Eleanor I.
Hubbard, Glenda T.
Wagner, Patricia Jean.
083890890X (pbk.)
Publisher, Date:
Chicago, Ill. : American Library Association, 2005.
xii, 207 p.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
When you go to work, you bring more than your lunch from home
How to identify the actors in the play : all the world's a stage
The role of unions
The specter and reality of workplace violence
The internal candidate
But she's had such a hard life
It is obvious we do not matter
I don't have to listen to this!
Love in the afternoon
She's making me feel strange!
Useless, totally useless!
Let me do my job!
What is taking those people so long?
I've got a great idea for you!
I'd really like to help Donnie
This place is a zoo!
The problem with Eddie
Totally incompatible?
Is it really all that important?
Thou shalt not suffer
It's happening again
Developing emotional intelligence : a place to begin
Planning for, not denial of workplace conflict
Examining your organizational culture
Leadership : so much more than management.
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